Grampian Air Rifle Club
Grampian Air Rifle Club

                2020/21 Competitions

Well, 2020 was pretty awful for a multitude of reasons.  A lot of our competitons started with enthusiasm and good intentions but never had the time to really get going and consequently came to an abrupt end.  As a reminder (and to free up space for the 2021 Competitions,) all the nonsense we got up to is now contained within the sub pages on the left.


Please note this is not a postal address, it's purely for finding the club.



Grampian Air Rifle Club

Denwood Shooting Range

Countesswells Rd


AB15 7YD

Want to become a member?

Call:Chris on 07938 215843 (Call between 6.30pm to 9.30pm any evening or text anytime.)

or contact us directly using our online contact form.

Opening hours Every Sunday 10.00 - 17.00 at Waulkmill Fishery & three or four Wednesdays per month at Denwood Shooting Range 18.00-21.00.  Plus there will be additional dates added throughout the year.  All shoot dates can be found here -

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