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              Going Postal (Rifles)

Steve L has launched the rifle competition with a highly respectable 19 but Alex C has thrown his hat into the ring with a 17.  Given that both guys are good shots, it's interesting to see that Steve's 100 year old BSA Granny has outshot a Venom HW77. 


After many delays, Bri has finally shot at a target with his HW30S.  Tuned/optimised for exactly this type of work with a shortened spring and delrin guides, a buttoned and sleeved piston, polished sears and match trigger blade, hamster, adjustable butt pad, diopter sights and raised mounts, it turned in an 18, one behind Steve's bog standard, telegram from The Queen, no frills Granny gun.


Dismissing the thought that Steve might be the better shot as preposterous, it seems that (spring) airgun design was defined 100 years ago and everything since has just been interpretation.  Looks like the light weight, balance and simple but effective sights of classic British Steel works better at these short ranges than the heavy Teutonic field piece or Carlos Fandango'd featherweight gun. 


14/5/20 update.  Another two shooters take part.  Stef G had a crack with his scoped HW97.  Finding that the scope wouldn't focus down to 6m, he extended the range to 10m.  Not something anyone envisaged when drawing up the few rules we have but shooting at a longer range is hardly an advantage.  Quite the opposite, I'd think.  He got a 15 and will doubtless improve on that. 


Moving from heavyweight field gun to lightweight plinker, Stoof thumbed his nose at peepsights and scopes, grabbed an ageing HW25 with opens and shot our second 20 at a more conventional 6m.


Keep up the good work, gentlemen.


Seconds out, Round 2, ding ding!


However, it's not all going Steve's way.  Perhaps he's given himself a handicap to stop the German gun shooters crying but his second round score of 17 has evened things out a bit.  Still in the top spot though. 


Alex did not take the matter lightly and, in a prescient moment 35 years ago, he built his garage with this competition in mind and has been working towards victory since 1985.  His solid 19 puts him on level pegging with Steve.


And, either heralding a perfect 20/20 score or setting himself up for a massive and embarrassing fall, Bri has been experimenting with different rear aperture/front sight element combinations.  An all too brief practice today definitely points towards a car crash but stranger things have happened.


And it was neither a trainwreck or a triumphant clear round - 19.  Enough to grab pole position though.


Who's going to start Round 3?  And it's not too late for anyone else to get stuck in - get shooting and get some cards in!


15/5/20 Update.  Stoof has put in a 16 with his dinky HW25.  Averaging 18 so far and in the running. 

And the answer to that would be SteveL.  Foregoing the Brummy classics, he shot a 19 with his newly acquired HW30S taking him back to the top of the table again.


Alex - are you going to let this stand?


Obviously not - a new trigger blade later and we've got our first 20/20.  Enough to knock Steve down a notch and claim 1st place.


Good shooting Alex.  Keep up the practice though as rumour has it that hotshot Stef is about to enter the ring.


The Planets aligned enough for Bri to shoot a card.  If only his eye and sights had aligned as well - 18.  Stoof, making up for lost time, also racked up an 18.  And, at the time of writing, that puts the first four shooters within a two point spread. 


Then Stoof has to go and upset everything by putting in a 4th round score of 19 to take the lead. 

Some people...


Not standing for that are Mr L and Alex with a 20 and 19 respectively, both nicely lined up for an assault on the top spot. 

First to shoot all five rounds is Stoof.  As I write, his 19 has put him top of the tree but, due to his (comparatively) low scoring second round, he's looking vulnerable to the slightly sharper shooting duo of Alex and Steve.


Yep, definitely vulnerable as Alex has shot a 19 in his final round to climb into pole position.  However, he can still be beaten by Stef, Steve and Bri if they all get perfect scores.  However, Stef's forte is Target Pistol and Bri has forgotten how to shoot so it might be all down to Steve.


And, news just in as I write this, Steve has just gone and shot a 20 - King of the Castle!




The Rules.


Any air rifle, any calibre.  Use a carbine stocked pistol if you like.  Any sights except lasers.


6m(ish) range.  Note the "ish" bit - get as close as possible to 6m but a little under won't cause problems.

Don't take the *ish with 3m or less though. 

If you're using a scope and can't get it to focus down to 6m, it's ok to extend the range a bit.


Standing and unsupported.  Could make an exception to the unsupported bit for Russ if he promises to be rubbish.  


Using a 10p coin, draw 10 circles on a sheet of A4 or similar like the pictures at the top of the page.  Colour in the circles for visibility if you like.


One shot per circle.  Two points for cleanly inside, one point for touching any of the circle edge, zero for a miss.


Write your name, date, the word "RIFLE" and gun used on the target.  Take a pic (include the rifle if possible) and either post it on the GARC Forum page


or zap it to Bri at


Please note this is not a postal address, it's purely for finding the club.



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