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The club will be holding it's annual AGM on November 22nd at Denwood at 7pm

All members are welcome to come along and have your say.


 As of January 1st 2017 everybody that goes to Denwood or Waulkmill,WHETHER THEY ARE SHOOTING OR NOT,will have to sign the sign in/out book.

These will be,in the case of Denwood,on the counter as you enter the building and,at Waulkmill,in the top drawer of the filing cabinet.


 This is all part of the club approval stipulations from Police Scotland.You might not like it but it has to be done or we face losing our approved status.


 If you do not sign in,and out,then you will be issued with a warning,2 warnings will get you a suspension.Continued warnings after that will get you a ban.




Happy New Year :-)



The GARC Committee 2016/17


Chairman: Mike Simmonds

Vice chairman: Nick Rankin

Secretary: Steve Ludlow

Treasurer: Dale Harris

Safety Officer: Chris Noble

Committee member: Bill Howie

                                Stuart Gordon

                                Dale Barnfather


Air Weapon(sorry but that's what it's being called)Licensing


 Now you've all probably heard a lot of different stories about the licensing scheme.Lots of scaremongering from the media about handing in guns to the police,about needing gun safes,reasons for granting a licence etc.


Here is the frequently asked questions section on the BASC website that might help you out.


 The next step is to go to have a read through the website and register your details.the idea is that,when the Scottish Government eventually get their act together,airgun shooter will be informed and we can go onto the next hoop.



 Police Scotland are having,what they call,an Air Weapon Amnesty across the country.

 Now,if you'd rather not see your beloved airgun chopped into tiny pieces,hand it in to your local club instead and we will see if we can find it a good home with some of the ever growing number of new members.



Here's a link to the licensing application page


The form you will need to fill out,as an individual applicant,is  AWL1


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