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Pistol League 2022

Coming soon - scores, stories, pictures, excuses, scurrilous attacks and more.

18/5/22.  Three shooters, three different scores tonight. 


Nick was harrased into taking part with a borrowed Izzy.  Not having bothered much with pistols recently, he went straight into things without any practice and his two cards gave a 54.  Time was pressing and his heart wasn't really in it but thumbs up for taking part and we know he's capable of much better when he puts his mind to it.


Bri continues to wallow in his mid-70s rut and we're not talking about listening to The Bay City Rollers, going on strike or watching The Persuaders and The Sweeney although he does all that too.  This week's 76 is pretty consistent with previous results but Must Try Harder.  Which, coincidentally, is what his mid-70s school reports used to say as well.


No such issues for Russ though.  Wielding his izzy for a very respectable 85, he's just six points off the top spot and nipping at Stef's heels.

20/4/22.  Three pistoleros took up the challenge this week.  Russ was the first to sign some cards and, having had variable results in practice, got a respectable (but disappointing to him) 79 with his Izzy. 


Also shooting an Izzy, Bri continued his slightly upwards trajectory with a 78.  Another month or two at this rate and he'll break the 80 barrier.


Wielding a rather nice Steyr, Les kept the 70's theme going with 76 - if we'd known the night was going to be like that we'd have worn flares!



  Russ, Bri and Les discussing the                  ideal 10m stance.


     Can certain shooters break into                the 80's if they turn up as

               New Romantics?


                  Time will tell...      

6/4/22.  With Russ on his Open Pistol week and Bri overseeing some new members, the only official entry was Steve P.


Long overdue for some shooting, our reigning champion kicked off his 2022 campaign with a 75. Citing pressure of work, family and home study for a degree course, he's concerned that he may not find the time to get a full 10 rounds in this year.


If no one objects, we could consider the possibility of Steve shooting a couple of rounds on each visit in future?


30/3/22.  There's never enough time to get as much shooting in as you'd like and this Wednesday was a prime example.  Despite bringing along his Izzy for a crack at this and the Open Pistol comps, Bri got diverted with the new 10m Rifle comp and some tour duties so never managed to compete.


In the absence of other Pistoleros, it fell to Russ to make a dent in Stef's lead and he made a good effort with that - an excellent 85 which narrows things down a bit.

23/3/22.  Just the one entry this week, a slightly down on average 77 from Stef.  Speculation is rife that his goatee is the source of his shooting strength and there is no truth in the rumours that other Pistoleros are furiously growing chin hair or scouring the dubious areas of the internet in search of stick on face fuzz.




Interchangable options for every shooting discipline.

16/3/22.  A week off from Target Bothering and Los Pistoleros were back to challenge both themselves and their friends again.


Can't remember who shot first but, after obviously just the right, nicely gauged, amount of practice, Russ and Stef both touched the 80's with 80 and 81 respectively.


Bri put in some good mid 80's practice cards with his lesser used Hammerli 480 K2 PCP but that didn't translate well to an official entry - a somewhat underwhelming 77 which puts him two points behind Russ.  Obviously, not an acceptable state of affairs and that will be corrected in the coming weeks and months.


Les was weighed down with a ton of different guns all needing shooting and making demands on his time so he declined to have a crack this week.  Nick R (who's keen to get stuck in) was on holiday, Steve L was a no-show for various reasons, Captain Chris along with Paul S were on Introduction/Guide duties (thanks on behalf of the Club, guys) and Steve P was presumably away ensuring that we have a constant (but b***** expensive) supply of oil to keep the wheels of industry turning.


All of this puts Stef out in front by a distance and this cannot be allowed to stand - the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.


Pistoleros, it's time to man up and shoot straighter!


And even if you can't (yet) shoot to that standard, you should at least give it a try for the craic - you never know, you might enjoy it!  


2/3/22.  it was all quiet on the 10m front this week as a couple of pistoleros (Les and Russ) were distinctly under the weather and not up to attending.  Steve P was also a no-show for reasons unknown.


With no new entrants, that left just Stef and Bri to keep the flag flying and repel boarders in the form of some strange mud loving troglodytes intent on besmirching our noble quest.  


(Note to said cave dwellers, we can shoot both rifles and pistols, you can only shoot rifles - want to reconsider who's the limited ones here?)


Stef opened the proceedings with a 79.  Perfectly respectable of course but a dip down into the 70s for him after some excellent practice cards. 


Bri remembered to bring a pistol with him this time and also put in some respectable practice cards.  However, his first round entry went a bit south.  Or should that be north as his first three shots went high and white.  34 with the first card but a more acceptable 41 with the second for a disappointing 75 - 10 points off the pace of his practice cards.


Three possibilities for this - he changed from the Excite Econ practice pellets to the more expensive  R10s for the official entry.  Known to give pretty much the same velocities, he didn't think it'd make much difference in his hands.


The second possibility is that he's a rubbish shot.  Can't rule that out.


Lastly, competition pressure.


Competition pressure is a right ****, no matter how well you're shooting or calm you feel, it can creep up unseen and make an unwelcome appearance.

In a post-shoot analysis, both shooters agreed that it's a big factor and can really mess with your head.

Still, adversity builds character and we'll stand our ground - no running away for us - and improve our scores in the next round.

23/2/22.  The usual suspects were in attendence on Wednesday, all four lanes were full and there was a lot of earnest shooting going on - more proof that certain people are taking it very seriously.

Apart from the Pistolero who forgot to take a gun along with him - d'oh!


Steve P put in his first appearance in a while.  Keen to hold on to his 2019 crown, his opening practice card with the LPM-1 was, to be kind, only fit for the bin and showed that he's in the same boat as a few of us and suffering a Lockdown related deterioration of skills.  It was good to see that he's still sporting the Borg Look though.


His scores did improve over the evening but wisely went with Discretion over Valour and didn't enter officially.


Les had a "what the hell" moment, pre-signed a couple of cards and had a stab with his Steyr LP2.

His bravado was rewarded with a 79, his highest score so far in a pistol comp and an excellent Round 1 start made all the more impressive by shooting left-handed instead of his natural right.


Russ declined to compete this week, preferring to alternate between the Pistol League and Open Pistol comps to extend the fun.


And that leaves us with the elephant in the room.  Stef has quietly strolled into the comp with his LPM-1 and put in some pretty solid cards with an 89 this week, equalling the previous PL top score.  And it's only Round 2 for him.




Stef on the pool table.


Early days but he's looking like the man to beat so far.  I don't know what the shooting equivalent of a pool hustler is but I wouldn't play him for money.


Everyone's outwardly playing things cool and relaxed at the moment but there's certainly something in the air with the serious practice and approach of some people.  The signs are already there that this year will surpass the 2019 comp in terms of scores and contest - get onboard and join in the craic!


2/2/22.  With, dare I whisper it, some signs of a return to a previous normal, there's now a small but steady gathering of 10m men on the indoor range.  While others shoot from seats and tables with bipods and rests, these noble souls/brave adventurers/weirdoes/deviants (delete as applicable) are stretching their abilities with what has been described as the most difficult of shooting disciplines. 


Since the idea of resurrecting the Pistol League came up, these stout fellows have been quietly practicing and honing their skills in anticipation and are keen to outdo each other and their previous best scores. 


Pistoleros, I salute you all. 


And, with respects paid, it’s now time to start ripping it out of everyone. 


This Wednesday saw four shooters on the 10m lanes with Les shooting his spiffing Steyr.  Chemo treatment has taken a toll on his right arm and wrist and, rather than give up like any normal person would, Les refuses to be beaten and got a set of l/h Rink grips and now shoots southpaw.  Kudos.  It’s his stated aim to not be last and with determination like that, I don’t think it’ll be a problem. 


Stef quietly practices with his Walther LPM-1 with no fuss or drama.  A seriously nice SSP, it punches very clean holes in the black bits of targets.  The rest of us would prefer more of his shots to be in the white though. 


Bri forgot to take a pistol with him.  As Homer Simpson would say, D’oh! 


Russ took two pistols along, his tried and trusted Izzy and a new (to him) HW75 recently purchased from Steve L.  Practice cards with both guns were in the mid to high 80s and, riding high and hoping to continue his roll, he asked if we could start the competition. 


Why the hell not? 


Despite scoring higher in practice with the Izzy, Russ opted for the less targetty HW75 to open the proceedings.  We may never know the reason for this.  And we may also never see that pistol again because he scored an underwhelming for him 74 - a full 15 points less than his practice (and personal best) 89 achieved with the Izzy.  Fatigue, Competition Pressure, Brexit, Covid, Rising Prices – take your pick of excuses, all we know is that he’s disappointed with his score. 


He’ll have a bit of catching up to do because Stef also had a crack and came out of the trap with an excellent 83.  His first foray into the Pistol League, he put six shots in one target before Russ interceded with The Rules.  Hardly Stef’s fault because The Rules weren’t written down at this point.  Obviously an honest mistake and no harm done so his remaining four shots were put into a fresh target and both cards were allowed to stand. The 83 he scored puts him in the top spot, nine points ahead of Russ.  One to be watched, I reckon – he may turn out to be the airgun equivalent of a pool-hall hustler!  


Les had left it a bit too late to enter officially, Bri didn’t have his beloved Izzy and Nick R had to leave early so it was just the two heroes putting their names on the scoreboard but it’s enough to get us off to a good start.  There’s plenty of room and time for anyone else to have a try (Liam, we’re looking at you and your FAS6004) and we know Paul S has a ton of pistols.  Captain Chris even has a shiny PCP bought for this very purpose so no excuses people – get stuck in!


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