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                                  Pistol League

                                    All stop at Round 7!


It's been noted that some entrants have surged ahead of the pack so, in the interests of slowing things down a bit and letting others catch up, we're suspending official entries once an individual hits Round 7.  This will allow things to level out and maintain some suspense.  Once there's a decent  number of us all on the same page we'll resume as normal.

                                Things are getting serious...


17/7/19  Our illustrious Club Sec. Steve L got the show on the road with his Gamo Compact.  In it for the banter, Steve rang up a very acceptable 73 and it's my suspicion that he's going to use a different pistol for each round.


Russ was up next and failed to find the form of his last couple of rounds.  Nothing wrong with a 72, of course, but, after a couple of weeks in the 80's...

He cited firing a Webley Alecto with 3ft of trigger travel before competing had corrupted and degraded his finely tuned finger to a point that he could no longer exploit the subtleties of his FAS6004.  But, because he's leading, his excuse fell on deaf ears.


Les broke out the HW40 and was also a little off his usual pace.  However, his 61 was enough to bump him up to 3rd place so that's a result.


Alex was having a case of the wobbles and didn't submit any cards.  Nick somehow managed to avoid being on the 10m range at the same time as the Izzy so didn't take part either and Paul's FAS604 is still being stroppy so ditto for him too.


Bri had a crack with the Izzy and, despite some deeply underwhelming practice cards, managed his highest (so far!) score of 79.


The main event though was the return of Steve P and he meant business.  Having fallen behind while offshore, he was more than keen to catch up.  Starting off with the traditional groundwork of excuses - out of practice, bad back, the cat's feeling poorly, etc - he then proceeded to worry other shooters with some very un-GARC limbering up and breathing exercises.  To, I suspect, some internal triumphant soundtrack - listen closely and you could just about hear the Rocky Theme tune coming out of his ears.

   Steve P- Borg Designation 82 of 100


Sporting the Super Serious Spectacles of Shooting, each shot was carefully considered with, presumably, each pellet individually inspected, sniffed and tasted.  I think a zen-like state of being At One with the target was entered into as well - honestly, we expected him to shoot from the Crane Stance a la The Karate Kid.  He may also have been whispering to his Gamo Compact pistol.  The result of this was him taking longer with each shot than some entrants took to fire all ten.


And, of course, it all paid off with an 82 - the night's highest score.  Git!





Tail End Charlie was Chris W.  Three and a half practice shots and he declared himself ready to compete.  With the Izzy, his first two shots were a 10 and a 9.  Unfortunately, it all went a bit... outer after his fine start but his 57 was a definite improvement on his previous 45.  A step in the right direction. 


After all that, the top two positions stay the same and Russ, having hit Round 7, is now "on hold" until the others catch up.  Les moves up to 3rd and Steve P, who looks like he's been biding his time and has eyes on the top spot, is 4th.


Maybe a more comparative measure of the top five at this point would be average scores -


Russ   77.71

Bri    74.5

Les  69.2

Steve P  76.5

Nick  72.5

                                                                                            updated 18/7/19



3/7/19.  Five shooters took part with varying results and Russ tee'd off first with an annoying (to the rest of us) 81.


Despite a pulled flier, Bri was pleased with a 77 - his highest individual score so far.


Les was a little put out with his shooting - nines and tens were tempered with low scoring outer hits - but they all added up to a respectable 70.


Chris M, however, didn't fare as well.  Opting for Russ's FAS6004 rather than the previously used Izzy, 36 was what he came up with.  Back to the Izzy next time, Chris?


Our other Chris, Mr W, plucked up his courage, threw abandon to the wind and had a go with a co2 S&W 686 revolver.  A self confessed non fan of pistols, he knew he wasn't going to shatter any records but had a crack anyway and his 45 wasn't the lowest score of the night so well done, Sir! 


So, to round up, the top two spots remain unchanged with Russ opening up more of a lead and Les has moved up to 4th, just five points behind 3rd place Nick.




26/6/19 and five of us submitted cards. 


Nick got the ball rolling by scoring a very satisfactory 68.  Well, Bri found it satisfactory because, for once, he wasn't outshot with his own gun.


Russ rattled off a few practice cards then declared his Round 5 entries and shot an 88, the highest score of the competition so far.


Bri was up next and racked up 75 - enough to leapfrog over Nick in the League placings.


Paul, still having problems with his FAS604 got a 57 and last official shooter Alex put up a 66 with his trusty FWB 80. 


Ewan and Les had a practice but didn't compete.


With Steve P still offshore and lagging behind a couple of rounds, that leaves Russ top of the table with a comfortable (at present) lead.  Bri climbs to 2nd with Nick a point behind him and Alex moves up to 4th.



19/6/19 saw seven of us compete with one abstention (Paul was having one of those Can't Hit A Thing days - more commonly known as a Wednesday) and two new entrants, Andy and Steve L. 


Andy broke out his FAS6004, fresh from repair, and posted a 67.  Nick's 76 continued his bad habit of improving with the Izzy and Alex with his FWB 80  also had an upwards trajectory of 70.


Bri scored 72 and Russ got a very consistent 74.  Of course, we can spin Consistent to mean Showing No Improvement.  Either way, he's still in the top spot.


Highest score of the night went to Les - 77 with his humble HW40 - but special mention (and Moral Victory) goes to Steve L who got 58 with his Webley Junior pistol.  Smoothbore, lively sideways recoil and fixed sights are not the preferred features of a target pistol so kudos Sir! 


And there you have it, Russ is still leading, Steve P is offshore for a while so no scores from him and Nick is steadily climbing.




5/6/19 I wasn't there but I'm reliably informed... 


Russ was first up and utilised the Perching Tiger shooting stance in the interests of fairness.  Which netted him a 75 with his FAS6004 so fairness can sod off and he can shoot standing on one leg in future. 


Next to go was Steve.  In order to reduce distractions, he waited until Tony had left for the night.  That probably paid off as, although shooting an 86 in practice, he managed 80 in the competition - his highest score so far and that's with an £80, S/H Gamo Compact.  A fettled trigger admittedly but it's up there with the more expensive Match Pistols.


Steve was also seen modelling a set of Shooting Glasses.  Russ cried "Foul, Ref!" and Les (who took two pistols along with him) mentioned that this was taking things a bit seriously.  Serious maybe but Foul no - all's fair in Love and War and if you can stand your clubmates taking the p1ss out of you then go for it!


Let's see who else starts wearing them - my money's on Russ.  Or me.


Haven't got any results for Les and Alex, despite a good few practice cards, declared himself "too wobbly" to compete that night.  Ewan, in a less than serious attempt, shot with a Gat and got an 8 with his first pellet at 10m.  He should have put the gun down at that point because, somewhat predictably, the rest of his pellets went elsewhere.


So, in the absence of further scores, the League Table top spot changes again, Russ is leading with Steve snapping at his heels just five points behind.




Our 29/5/19 night had some interesting developments - at various points the lead swapped between five different shooters. 


Alex started us off and scored a 75 which was enough to give him second place behind Bri and Steve who were tied top. 


Nick followed with a fractionally lower 74 that combined with his previous score to put him in the lead and knock everyone down a notch.  Russ was having none of that though and his 75 bumped him up to the top spot.


Then Paul S shot his 3rd round and leapfrogged over all and sundry to the top of the table. 


All change at the top!


Of the other two shooters on the night, Les improved with a respectable 73 and John, on his first try at 10m Pistol, shot an 81 - our highest individual score so far - and got the glint in his eye that means he'll be buying a pistol soon.


And, because he shot a higher score than me (with my bl**dy gun!) he'll be handicapped for the next round by having Tony stand a foot from his ear and talk about any subject he likes.  Probably dogs or Volvo cars.


There's still a couple of shooters to start off (yes, we're looking at you Chris W and Andy!) but things are looking good - once we get warmed up and into our stride this should be interesting.


And it's not too late to take part - just have a word with Bri or anyone who's started already and they'll get you sorted out.  Don't be concerned if you haven't a suitable pistol as someone will loan you one.  Also remember that none of us are hardened, ultra serious, totally focussed, 10m pistol shooters - we're just keeping it light and fun with the hope of being better shots at the end.



                                                 The Rules.


Rules aren't fixed and they're open to suggestions but, to get the ball rolling -


Pistols (.177) only, no shoulder/carbine stocks or suchlike. 


Open sights, no lasers, red dots, etc.


Standing*, unsupported, one handed.


10 rounds over the course of 2019 - to be taken at the individual entrant's convenience on the 10m range.


Bisley 17 cm, 10m card targets.  Two per round, five shots per target - total of 10 shots per round.


Official entries to be declared before shooting and witnessed - no shooting 20 targets and picking the best.


No retracting targets mid shoot to see where your shots landed - target goes fully out, five shots, target comes back.


Marking of targets to be "scored up" - shots breaking score rings get the higher score value.





Bisley 17cm card targets (dual sided.)Available cheaply on eBay.


Anyone think we need more/clearer rules than that?  The idea is to keep things fairly simple, easy, consistent, convenient and free with entrants shooting one of their rounds when they fancy (max. one per week.)


Open to any .177 pistol, you don't need full-on Match kit to take part - skill outweighs equipment in pistol shooting so the likes of a Gamo/HW40/75/Beeman SSP is more than capable in the right hands.  Russ recently shot a (non-eligible) 80+ card with a recoiling Webley Hurricane so it can be done. 


Results will be displayed on the website in a League Table as they come in so we can track performance. 


If this takes off, The Committee can probably be persuaded to stump up a decent trophy or two.




                              Contact Bri Munro if you're interested.


*Could make an exception to the Standing rule for Russ.  If only so we don't have to pick him up all the time.







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