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SARPA 30th Anniversary Celebration Event at Waulkmill 9th & 10th August


This was two courses shot over two days with side shoots,hog roast and evening entertainment on the Saturday night.


The happy campers started to arrive on the Friday and, before long, much laughing and frivolity could be heard coming from the East end of Waulkmill.  The drink flowed and so did the banter.  As the evening went on, somebody discovered the inflatable canoes so it was into the water with them.  More drink, more banter then it was off to get some sleep before the big day on Saturday.

Saturday started off dry with a 15-20mph South-Easterly wind.

Upwards of 60 shooters signed in and got their free Tunnocks goodie, the safety brief was read out and it was on towards the top course for the first 30 targets.  Now, for those of you that haven't been to Waulkmill, the Top Course can, at best, be described as shady.


The deep dark woods of Waulkmill


The wind was giving people some trouble but range finding between the trees was causing more of a problem for most of the shooters.  After the first day of shooting, the scores in all classes were very close which would make for an interesting day two.


targets fromday 1

After the course was shot you could either go around and shoot it again,and try and figure out why you had missed the targets, or try your hand at the side shoots - open sight springers, silhouettes and the long range targets.

 The hog roast was on hand and so were burgers,rolls and hot dogs cooked by GARC’s very own master chef Jim Ellis.

Then it was back to the campsite for the evening's entertainment which was supplied by a local musical duo who played well into the night.


The band
The swans enjoyed it all


Day two and it was off to the bottom course which is a lot more open and lighter than the top one.

It was all to shoot for but, with hangovers playing a starring role, there were some shooters who just couldn’t get to grips with their guns.  The sun stayed out for the day and the wind dropped which made for some very close scores.


Targets for day 2(forgot #3)

                                                         The Results

Open class

1st Steven Kerr 55/56….111

2nd Grant Thomson 52/57…..109 (after a shoot-off)

3rd Philip Godwin 55/54….109 (after a shoot-off)

Ladies class

1st Pamela Barclay 47/50….97

2nd Nicola Carlin 50/46….96

3rd Susan King 43/45….88

Recoiling class

1st Dale Harris 44/51….96

2nd Chris Noble 46/45….91

3rd Piotr Jakuibowiz 39/41….80

..22 class

1st Graham Stevenson 45/48….93(after a very impressive shoot-off)

2nd Geoff Ross 46/47….93(after a shoot-off)

3rd Ian Gatens 40/42….82

Big Juniors

1st Ryan Stennar 51/50….101

2nd Jack Hoggan 49/47….96

3rd Mark Telfer 3 / 49….82

Small juniors

1st Thomas Leckie 42/53….95

2nd Connor McSherry 37/50….87

3rd Sophie McGill 32/41….73

The overall winner and new Scottish HFT Champion was Steven Kerr with 111 out of a possible 120

Congratulations Stevie from all at Grampian.


The side shoot results were


Open sights

1st Connor McSherry

Long range shoot

1st Willie Hoggan

Silhouette shoot

1st Ian Thomson



Grampian Air Rifle Club would like to thank all those who helped with the organisation (or lack of, at times) of this event, George Davidson of Waulkmill Fishery and, most of all, a huge thank you to the shooters who travelled North and gave the event the brilliant atmosphere it had from start to finish.

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