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                                     The GARC Committee 2020-21


Chairman: Mike Simmonds

Vice chairman: Nick Rankin

Secretary: Steve Ludlow

Treasurer: Dale Harris

Safety Officer: Chris Ward

Waulkmill Liaison Officer: Paul Bates

Competition Co-ordinater:  Chris Ward   

Webmaster: Bri Munro



Going Postal 2021


This year's postal comps are now open.  We're having three categories (Rifle, Target Pistol and Open Pistol) so there should be something for everyone there.  Have a look at the relevant pages for more info, sign up to the GARC Forum (if you haven't already) and join in.

27/2/21.  Sorry folks - nothing new to report on when we can shoot at Denwood yet.


7/1/21.  The Scottish Government have put us in a new level of Covid 19 protection with the title of “Stay At Home” (4 Jan 21.)  As part of this, they are allowing outdoor non-contact sports to continue with some extra rules put in place to stop the spread of Covid.  Details are available on their website including travel restrictions in and out of Level 4 areas.

Denwood has been closed by the Denwood Committee so no shooting there at all for now.  GARC cannot overrule this action and will comply with this ruling.  The ranges will remain closed until the Denwood Committee reopen the site.

After a GARC Committee vote (with a majority in favour of keeping Waulkmill open under the new outdoor non-contact sports rules,) we are obliged to put into action the new rules for those of you who may want to use Waulkmill in a safe and lawful manner within the travel restrictions now in place under the “Stay At Home” Scottish Government rules, guidance and restrictions, some of which are now law.

Waulkmill will remain open to those of us ('shire residents) who can lawfully travel to the Waulkmill ranges for shooting purposes.  This being subject to the Landlord's ongoing decision to allow the use of Waulkmill and our members complying with the rules, guidance and laws put in place by Scots Gov, STS, the Landlord and GARC.  Below is the added list of rules and some changes to the Waulkmill rules that are currently in place to enable us to shoot within “Stay At Home” rulings, guidelines and law at Waulkmill:

1. No visitors allowed or inductions will take place in “Stay At Home” rules, only eligible club members may attend.

2. The Club Hut is not to be used as a rest area (your car, etc, is your sitting/eating area now.)  Single person or household entry is allowed only to sign the range log and pay fees to the landlord.  It is no longer a canteen or social area!

3. Zero/Plinking range:  A maximum of two single people (not same household) or one household (if more than two people) allowed at any one time.

4a. Only two household can shoot together on the same peg, with the maximum of two people allowed per peg (i.e you and your friend) the 2 metre minimum rule is still in force between two households while on the peg and ranges.

4b.  A single Household can shoot more than two people per peg but cannot be joined by another household as that would break the two household rules of no more than two people from two households.

4c.  There must be a separation of at least three pegs between shooting groups out on the range, to a minimum of 10 metres apart (in all directions) if the peg separation is less.  This will stop bunching up and stop any two groups of people being mistakenly seen as one group being larger than is allowed.

Note:  A single person is classed as one Household.

Travel:  With the current travel restrictions in place, 'shire folk cannot travel to Denwood for shooting purposes (even if Denwood was
 open) and city folk cannot travel to Waulkmill ranges (part of the 'shire) for the same reasons.  I am sorry about that, but in this case, it is The Law. 


The Committee will take a dim view of any city dwelling members who travel to Waulkmill and offenders may find themselves subject to disciplinary action.


STS have put out a holding statement as of 6/1/21 advising that they are looking at the impact of this latest rounds of restrictions.  Should they advise all clubs to stop shooting at club level then, GARC will abide by their guidance or put in place any recommendations that they wish to introduce to enable us to continue shooting safely and legally.

We will not fault or condemn any member who acts within the law and Government guidelines where shooting is permitted but y
our Committee recommends you “Stay At Home.”  The GARC Committee will continue to support our Club and ensure that we can continue shooting within the rules of law, guidance and advice given by the controlling agencies.

You will be updated on any updates or turn of events as soon as these are made available to us.  Feel free to contact me or the Club Secretary on the Club phone between 7pm to 10pm or club e-mail (any time) with any reasonable questions in relation to this updated safety brief. We will try to help.

Thanks & Regards

GARC Safety Officer (S/O) and your Committee.


GARC Denwood Indoor Range: Plan of Operations & Instructions.


All instructions as issued by the UK/Scottish Government concerning Covid 19 will be adhered to, plus any local site rules as issued by/in addition to the Denwood Committee when persons are using the Denwood shooting ground and including any further GARC instructions as required on Club meetings/shooting days.


This instruction/plan is for the use of the GARC membership and includes all mandatory instructions set out by the Denwood Committee and further instructions/actions as agreed by the GARC Committee.


The plan contained within this document is a minimum requirement to combat Covid 19 and enable safe shooting within the area of the 25 yd indoor range at Denwood. All normal safe shooting practices, rules and range procedures still apply in the operation of the Denwood ranges.


GARC Club members can, of course, take further actions of their own to prevent the possible spread of Covid 19 as they see fit providing this does not affect the safety of others or stop other members from being able to shoot or conduct themselves in a safe manner while at Denwood range.


Only Club members who are going to shoot should attend Club meetings. This is not a social gathering for any non shooting families and friends, as defined within the household/families & extended rules to socialise beyond the primary purpose of the Denwood/Waulkmill shooting grounds, which is being able to shoot in a safe and controlled environment to combat Covid 19 infection for all members of our club.


Should further relaxation of Covid 19 rules/restrictions be granted or released by the Scottish Government then the current/in date set of GARC rules will remain in force until a new risk assessment is conducted/approved by the Club Committee and passed to the membership.  (Exception: Should the UK/Scottish Government's Alert State/Restrictions increase society-wide, these measures will take effect immediately.)


Should a member of the Denwood / Waulkmill Ranges be reported as having contracted the Covid 19 virus then the GARC Committee has the right to suspend shooting as a club for a quarantine period.  Please read Covid 19 disclaimer for GARC members, Appendix 1 COVID-19 Club Attendance Opt-In.


Club members are encouraged to submit ideas and recommendations to the GARC Committee to help with the safety, organisation and enjoyment of our chosen sport within these days of the Covid 19 Pandemic.


Denwood inductions/possible new members and guest visits are on temporary hold, as proper safety instruction cannot be provided through social distancing rules at this time.  Site visits (non shooting) can be arranged with proper notice and use of the said social distancing rules in force.


Stay Alert, Stay Safe & Keep your Distance.


1.  Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kit for use at Denwood. (Minimum requirements.)


All club members will need (and self provide) a face mask, gloves, wipes or cloth, bleach or cleaning spray and hand wash/hand sanitizers. These are the minimum requirements.



GARC members can also take with them items they feel would increase their level of protection they are comfortable with beyond the minimum requirement. There is nothing hard about any of this as all of us are already using these items on a day to day basis.  If members fail to bring the minimum requirement PPE with them, then any club member can ask them to leave the range.


This is a rule - No PPE = No Shooting and disciplinary action may be taken against offenders.


The Denwood Committee have informed us that gloves and hand sanitizers will be/should be available for the toilets and gloves specifically for target handling will be contained with the store room on the 50m range and 25 yd indoor range.  However GARC insists that you bring your own.  That way, should the supply of gloves/sanitizers run out or not be in place, you have your own.

This is a GARC rule.


1.1 Face masks.


Face masks will not be required to be worn when members are in the act of shooting from a firing point as the mask could entangle with the rifle/ scope leading to a negligent discharge or cause the weapon to be pulled away from the shooter's hands when moving the head/body.  However, face masks must be worn by all other people within the indoor range area who are not in the act of shooting from a firing point.  Face masks will be worn at all times in the Club house when using the non shooting facilities there.

2.  The indoor range is limited in space and within an enclosed covered area, entrance and exit is by a one way system which is clearly marked. The toilets are open for Club members use.  All other areas are not to be used and are out of bounds unless used as access to the firing points. Signing in will take place at the 50M range before booked members are allowed to enter the indoor complex.

2.1 Basic Rules.  The indoor range consists of 4 firing points separated by perspex screens.  2x10m and 2x25yds firing points are available at any one session.  For bookings on the Club Forum, these points are known as W & X for the 10m points and Y & Z for the 25 Yarders.

                         W & X                                              Y & Z


2.1.1.  A maximum of four adult shooters and one range/safety person is allowed within the firing area for normal shooting, to that one junior family member can be added with one of the four adults per session -sorry folks we have to keep numbers low due to this being an enclosed and covered space.  All users will keep to their booked areas


2.2.  Cleaning Personal Area.  GARC members will be required before shooting and afterwards to clean their firing point area.


Firing Points.  Clean your hands and then wipe down the perspex screens either side and within the firing point.  Wwipe down the table and chair(s) with the decontamination agents from your PPE kit.  On leaving the firing point, the area is to be cleaned again and on any changeover of shooters.  Then cleaning will be done again by the new shooter.  If in doubt, clean - it only takes a few minutes!

Weapons/bags will be stored on the table within the personal area of the firing point as illustrated.  Air bottles can be stored within this area or outside in the vehicle the shooter arrived in.  The back of the range is not to be used as a place to store kit while using the firing point - keep your kit with you.  The gun racks are not to be used.


Using the perspex areas will give a far better level of protection, so keep it clean.  Face masks are to be worn when not shooting rifles although pistol shooters may wear face masks while shooting if they wish.

Don’t be afraid to ask someone to back off if you think they are breaking the 2 metre rule, but  please do it nicely.


2.3. Targets, placement & collection within the indoor range.


Shooters will be responsible for setting up and closing down their firing point, which includes putting out and bring in their paper targets, and wiping down the frames on both the covers and target frames before and after use - you use it, you clean it and don't leave it for others to do. The range officer/ safety person should only have to walk around to check all is in order before locking up the indoor range.


All shooters should bring with them their own sticky tape to put on the target frames.  Most folks use their teeth to cut tape while affixing targets to the boards and we don’t want the bug passed on this way!!!

Bring your own targets.


2.4. Gun Rests.  Members will have to provide their own gun rests, the Club provided rests are made of foam and would therefore be difficult to maintain with washing and decontamination procedures.  Bring your own or improvise - a rolled up towel or stuffed bag will do.

2.5. Sharing of any personal equipment. (e.g. guns/air bottles or pellets, Etc.)


It is very highly recommended this practice should not be conducted within the Denwood complex.  It is true to say that a full decontamination of such items can be done as per the procedures set out within the cleaning of the firing points and chairs, Etc, but it could be viewed (by other members that witness such action) as a breach of trust and lead to a possible loss of confidence in the person(s) engaged in such actions while the club is trying to maintain a plan to combat Covid 19. The exception would be the family/household units who do not need to socially distance themselves from each other and will be using the same kit as a normal action within the current government rules.  So, to stress again, it is very highly recommended this practice should not be conducted outside of the family/household units.


3. Tea, coffee & food.


No food or drink is to be consumed in any of the Denwood buildings or on the ranges.  Use your vehicle as your canteen so bring a flask & snacks and take your rubbish home with you.


4.  Summary.


This is a plan to enable the safe use of the Denwood Indoor Range covering the social distancing rules and instructions on keeping any possibility of cross contamination to a minimum through use of sanitation rules by Club members.


All GARC members will provide their own PPE kit for use at Denwood to ensure that said items are available when needed.


Administration by the Club as to who will be a Range Officer on a given date/time is to be arranged, including booking times.


There is no doubt that as we continue shooting at Denwood, that things will have to be amended/changed.  I believe that we have the basics covered for safe operations and meet (and, in most areas exceed) Government rules/guidelines.


Our members have been in various phases of lockdown for some months and are aware how they should behave in public areas with distancing and decontamination.  It is up to the GARC membership to ensure that these and any further agreed rules are carried out and deal with any member that does not conform to those rules.


Any questions you can contact me via the Club forum or the Club e-mail/ phone.




GARC Safety Officer


Stay Safe & Shoot Straight

Dear Members,


The current COVID-19 restrictions mean it is not possible for the AGM to be held in the normal manner.  This was discussed during the recent Committee meeting.  A number of options were considered that might have offered a way to hold a 'virtual' AGM but no option was free of impediment.


The proposal is the AGM be delayed until such time as COVID-19 restrictions allow the membership to meet as a group.  In the interim, reports from the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Safety Officer would be sent to members to keep them abreast of GARC business.


To enable this course of action, the Committee is looking for a majority support from the members.  You are only required to reply to this email if you do not support the delaying of the AGM.  No reply will be taken as acceptance of the proposal.  Deadline for a reply is 24th October 2020.




GARC Secretary.


24/9/20.  The nights are drawing in but GARC members continue to  shoot under the watchful eye of Master of Ceremonies, Black Tony.

10/9/20.  Reports have come in that last night's shooting was a very pleasant affair with all involved enjoying their much needed Trigger Time.  

PPE and cleaning procedures are being adhered to for the benefit and protection of all.

And a thumbs up to Nick R for the setting up, dismantling and running of the range.

5/9/20  GARC Members,


Thanks to the efforts of various Committee members, the outdoor 50m range is now available to us every Wednesday evening.  Previously, the 2nd Wednesday of every month was an "off" night for GARC while another Club used the indoor range.  We're limited to the 50m range only on these days but it's more shooting time so well done Sec. Steve and Co.

Bookings for Denwood shooting slots are now being taken so log on to the GARC Forum, find the relevant thread* and get your name down - be quick or lose out!  


And don’t forget that you also need to read and abide by the rules laid out in the Denwood Operations Doc. below - you must take along your PPE and cleaning kit.


And don't even think about turning up on the day without having booked in advance.


You'll also need to complete the COVID19 Opt-in Declaration and send it to the GARC Secretary.  If it is not received we’ll cancel your booking.


*Sorry, links are not working.


Denwood Operations Doc Phase 3 rev 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.6 MB]
Denwood Waulkmill Opt in Doc[136].pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [97.0 KB]


GARC Booking Arrangements for Denwood
Rev 0 (20/7/2020)



This document complements the GARC COVID-19 Rules for Denwood.


The Denwood Committee are applying the STS Guidelines to our shooting at the 50m range.  Due to this (and although there is room for ten shooting points while maintaining social distancing >2m,) we are limited to 5 households maximum at one time.  Worst case, this means only 5 shooters – with the Key Holder/Range Officer being one of those five.  To enable more people to shoot, the Wednesday evening is split into two ‘sittings’ – 18:00 to 19:15 and 19:30 to 20:45.  You should not enter the 50m range before the start time and you must leave the 50m range before the end time.

To avoid undue workload on what would be a volunteer to coordinate the bookings, a forum-based booking system where all members take on an element of responsibility has been defined.  To enable this, you will have to register on the GARC forum.  To protect your identity from potential “anti’s” and comply with the GDPR requirements, you should register on the forum with a pseudonym.

The Rules of booking:

Bookings are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
If you book a slot, then you’ll have to pay the range fee, whether you turn up or not.

If someone posts a booking while you are typing then sorry, try again.


Steps to book a shooting slot at Denwood:
A thread will be started up on the GARC Forum (titled “Denwood Booking [date]”) on the Thursday morning for the following Wednesday.  There will be four available ‘slots’ (A, B, C and D) to book per ‘sitting’ (18:00 or 19:30).

Members should look at previous posts on the thread and choose from the remaining available ‘slots’.  Then post his/her selected ‘slot’ and ‘sitting’, noting membership number and if a single shooter or a Household (eg, slot B, sitting 18:00, Mem. No. 90, single.)

Couldn’t be simpler.

In addition, you'll also have to sign a Covid Opt In Declaration Form which follows STS guidelines - it's straightforward, common sense stuff aimed at protecting us all from the spread of this horrible virus but no signee, no shootee.

Denwood Waulkmill Opt in Doc[136].pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [97.0 KB]

Waulkmill is now open.  There's some new rules for those attending and Chris W has put together a guide on the Waulkmill page.  Read it, memorise it and adhere to it at all times please.

Our 2019 AGM saw some changes to the Committee.  Bill and Chris N have stepped down and we thank them for their service.  Filling the vacant Range Safety Officer position is Chris W and Tony has taken over as Keyholder.  Support them as best you can.


Steve L also expressed a wish to withdraw from the Committee but is hanging on until we find a replacement.  Any takers?

The Minutes of the 2019 AGM can be viewed here -

GARC AGM MoM 20-11-19.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [61.7 KB]

Police Scotland have sent out a letter to all Scottish AirGun Clubs regarding some issues at Competition Shoots.  Please read and always act responsibly.


Police Scotland 10-10.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [630.7 KB]

With Core94 not being in a position to offer Air Bottle refills, PCP shooters are feeling a little out of puff.  As many know, GARC have a compressor but we're unable to run it at Denwood.  Dale, The Guardian Of The Blessed Compressor, has agreed to a dedicated thread in the Forum to help communication/ coordination with those requiring refills.

We now have a GARC Online Forum.  The idea behind it is to aid contact and communication between Club members.


It's easy to use - just click on the link in the GARC Forum page, register by creating an ID and password and away you go. 


Forums thrive or wither depending on the participation of users and only time will tell if it becomes a useful feature so let's see what the uptake is like and take it from there.

Thanks to the efforts of our illustrious Field Marshal Paul Bates, every Sunday is now a Waulkmill Sunday.  It's also half price so you can go twice as often!


Competition and Sales Days

As raised at the AGM, The first Wednesday Denwood session of every month is going to be Sales Day - bring along any kit you have for sale, stick it on the gunrack and see what happens.


And the last Wednesday of the month will be Competition Time as Chris Ward will be cajoling us all into some interesting shooting challenges - money, prizes and perhaps trophies or bags of chips will be up for grabs so keep an eye on the Competitons and Events page.

Chris Ward has been voted onto the Committee at the recent AGM to organise competitions.  His title hasn't been agreed yet but, because my suggestion of Concert Party Commissioner a la It Ain't 'Alf Hot Mum was ignored, we're going with Competiton Co-ordinator in the meantime.  Give him your support and feel free to bombard him with ideas for future events.

The Minutes of the 2018 AGM can be viewed here -

2 GARC AGM MoM 21-11-18.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [60.1 KB]

Dale "Barney" Barnfather has stepped down as a committee member due to a new posting in Lincolnshire.  We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

A new Committee position has been created - Waulkmill Liaison Officer.


Field Marshal Paul Bates has selflessly (been) volunteered to be the main point of contact between GARC and George at the Waulkmill shooting range.

Treasurer, gunsmith and HFT'er Dale Harris has been recognised by AirGun Gurus for his commitment to GARC and Airgunning with a Certificate of Commendation.

Nominated by Bill Howie, Dale is 2018's first recipient of this honour - well done, Sir!

See the AirGun Gurus page here


Update - the previously excellent Airgun Gurus website has suffered a catastrophic "improvement" and the link doesn't work now but, take our word for it, Dale was in there.


       Letter to all GARC Members from the GARC Committee.


At the GARC 2017 AGM, held on 22nd November, it was agreed a letter explaining some of the discussions (and including the minutes) would be sent to all members.


In accord with the GARC Air Weapon Certificate, the Club is limited to a membership of 120.  We are approaching that limit and envisage the possibility of a waiting list for membership.  Looking at the attendance record sheets for the Denwood and Waulkmill shooting venues, it appears some members joined GARC as a convenience for their Air Weapon Certificate application. 


As a responsible club wanting an active membership, and facing the prospect of a waiting list, a minimum attendance requirement has been set:

12 shooting evenings/days (Denwood and/or Waulkmill) per year INCLUDING
6 shooting evenings/days (Denwood and/or Waulkmill) in any 6 month period.
In exceptional circumstances the GARC Committee has the authority to waive all or part of the attendance requirement.

Achievement of this minimum attendance requirement will be considered at the time of receiving membership renewal application.
Membership renewal and payment of membership fees is due during December 2017.


To aid access to current (and time dependant) Club information, Bri Munro has volunteered to be the Webmaster ( for the GARC website (  For Information, the GARC facebook page is @GrampianAirRifleClub.

If they so wish, any member can provide their email address to for inclusion in a distribution list of GARC communications.  The list will include only current members.


And finally - Land acquisition.  If you are aware, or become aware, of any potential land that could be suitable for GARC usage, criteria being:

Minimum 6 acres, preferably 8
Has Shooting Rights
Free of covenants that are restrictive
Suitable for all GARC activities, not just HFT

then please contact a committee member or email


Thank you and safe shooting.

GARC Secretary.

As of January 1st 2017, everyone that goes to Denwood or Waulkmill MUST sign in and out WHETHER THEY ARE SHOOTING OR NOT.   The Registers, in the case of Denwood, will be on the counter directly in front of the door and, at Waulkmill, in the filing cabinet top drawer.


This is a stipulation of our Club Approval Status from Police Scotland and must be taken seriously.


Failure to sign will result in a warning.  Two warnings gets you a suspension.  Three warnings and you're banned so just sign the book as no-one needs the hassle. 




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