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50m Competitions

Congratulations to Erni and Norrie!


15/11/23.  No dark horses, last minute challengers or mysterious strangers showed up to give things a shake so Norrie and Erni take the top spots.


Well done to everyone who took part and let's do it again next year.

8/11/23.  The shoot out scores are in and, last minute challenges aside, Norrie is crowned King Of The Springers - well done Sir!


Over in PCPville, things have been quiet for a while but the comp is by no means won yet - still time for Bill, Calum and Ken to go for it on Wednesday.

18/10/23.  One shooter, one score but it's a significant one.  Contender Norrie shot an eight in the Springer comp to go level with Erni at the top of the table.


With the Club AGM just round the corner (Nov. 15th,) some sort of tie-break is in order.


18/10/23.  Quality rather than quantity with just Norrie shooting this week.  His pair of nines puts him within spitting distance of victory - an eight will be a shootoff with Erni and a nine an outright win.


No pressure, Norrie.

11/10/23.  There was nothing happening on the PCP comp this week with all the action on the Springer side.


Nick H shot two rounds, one a typical eight, the other an outlandish six.  He'll have to score a 10/10 next time out to compensate for this aberration


Erni put in his last two rounds, an eight and nine giving a very strong finishing 86 - a point more than his PCP score and proving he's an all-rounder with rifles.


Dedicated Springer man Norrie shot two nines taking him up to 2nd place.  Although he's three rounds behind, there's less than 0.03 of a point's difference in his and Erni's averages.


Could be a photo finish on this one.

4/10/23.  One PCP shooter.  Bri.  10/10.  Again.


Over in SpringWorld, it was inevitable that Malcolm's reign at the top of the table would come to an end.  Erni put in two excellent showings, one of them a 10/10 (hope he got his due round of applause) and leapfrogged into 1st place.


A bit further down the placings, Norrie also put in a couple of entries.  He's currently three rounds behind Erni but, more importantly, there's only 0.2 of a point difference in their averages.


Both comps will finish before the Club's AGM (probably some time in November) so keep shooting and get those scores in.

6/9/23.  Erni continues his march towards the top spot with a seven and eight this week.  If he continues at this rate, he'll end up breaking into the 80s and only just behind his PCP score.

30/8/23.  The Men of Spring have been at it again.


Jim looks set to overtake Malcolm shortly, Erni continues to put in solid scores, Nick H shot his trademark eight and Norrie had a bit of dip.

23/8/23.  One PCP shooter.  Bri.  10/10.


There was more happening with the Spring Gun Crew.  Jim took advantage of the new two rounds a week rule and pressed his Pro Sport and HW97 into service for a respective 7&8.


Malcolm will soon lose the top spot at that rate.


Lower down the table, things are no less interesting.  Erni, also shooting an HW97, rattled off a 9/10.  That puts him almost level with Norrie making them the two to watch.

16/8/23.  Calum was the only PCP entrant this evening.  A respectable 7 puts him level with Ken.


A bit more activity in SpringWorld with PCP comp leader Erni throwing his hat into the ring.  A solid start with a 9.


Malcolm is the first to complete all 10 rounds.  A bit of a rollercoaster ride for him with highs and lows but he finishes on an upward trajectory with a robust 8.


Jim turned in a solid 7 and is well positioned to overtake Malcolm at some point.


And, as the year is getting on, it's time for a wee tweak to The Rules.


The Pistoleros on the 10m range are finding it difficult to get enough comp time so they're now allowed to shoot two rounds in an evening if they wish.  And it's only fair that this be applied to the rifle comps too.


Meaning, if you're shooting well and "in the zone," you can squeeze in an extra round.  It's not compulsory but the option is there.

2/8/23.  Erni is the first to shoot all 10 rounds.  The PCP comps keenest supporter, his 85/100 is the score for all others to beat.


Ken, Calum and, now that he's shooting straight, Bill are all in a position to equal or even beat this and let's not forget about dark horse Jean who might only have shot one round so far but shouldn't be discounted.  And it might all click into place for Nick K to make a challenge too.


We can probably discount Bri though after his truly disasterous night with the HW77.  Even after much zeroing and practice, he recorded the lowest score so far with a pitiful 3 and couldn't even come up with a good excuse.

26/7/23.  Bill finally got one of his FX doo-dahs to shoot straight with an excellent 10/10.  We all knew it was in there somewhere, it just took a while to come out. 


And well done to Nick K for entering his first Denwood comp.  For a comparitively new shooter, 6/10 will do nicely and is a good base to build on but we wait to see if he'll be outshot by youngsters Alexander and Catherine.


Over in Springer World, it's always a roll of the dice with Malcolm.  Will it be a perfect 10 or a disappointing 4?  This week it was a middling 5 although his enthusiasm for the comp is through the roof.


Shooting with more consistency, Nick H rattled off another 8 - a definite pattern emerging there - and leapfrogged up the table to 2nd place.


5/7/23.  An easy one to update - just Bri and the magnificent S400F shooting this week. 


Another 10/10.

28/6/23.  More springy than pffft this week with Erni being the only PCP shooter - a 9 for Round 9.


Malcolm got (slightly) beyond his fixation with the number 4 and Jim got a rather good 9 which brought him up to 2nd place.  


Nick H racked up an 8 which seems to be the norm for anyone of that name.



21/6/23.  Good scores with the pfft guns tonight with a 9 each from Erni and Ken while Bri got another 10.


Jim was the only one taking part with a Springer this week, a midfield 6 taking him a place up the table.

14/6/23.  Erni makes a triumphant return with a 10 

Bill also had a crack with (presumably) one of his all singing, all dancing, highly technical FX thingies.  I can only imagine that he was disappointed with a 6/10 but, looking on the bright side, at least it wasn't down at SGC for repair again.


Boingy-wise, just Malcolm picking up a rifle and continuing his infatuation with the number 4.

7/6/23.  Only one taker on the PCP side as Bri got a 9.  He also broke new ground in being the only entrant to miss a 10m spinner so far.


Enough to move up and share the top spot with Erni though.


There was more activity on the Springer front.  Malcolm, being predictably unpredictable, put in a 4 while Bri got a 7 and Jim shot a sturdy 8.


Closing the night robustly was Norrie with a 9.  It's still early days but him and his Pro Sport are looking like the front runners.

17/5/23.  A new entrant this week with Jean launching his campaign on a 9.  Otherwise, everyone seems to be finding their groove with consistent scores in the PCP comp.


A different situation over on the Springer side with both Bri and Malcolm dropping down from their previous bests - disasterously so for Bri that he couldn't even muster a good excuse.


Star of the evening though was Norrie.  10/10 with his Pro Sport got him a round of applause which was especially well deserved as it was in "bricklobber" 0.22 calibre.

10/5/23.  Only received two scores for this week, both in the Springer comp.  After last week's 10/10, Malcolm is showing some inconsistency with a 6 while Nick R is steady with another 8.


Bri is hoping to take part on Wednesday with both PCP and newly re-scoped HW77 so expect to be pressganged into having a go.

3/5/23.  Erni extends his lead with an upward 9.  Calum and Ken are putting in a good showing with an 8 and 9 respectively while Bri somehow managed another 10. 


We're still waiting for a few shooters to have a go (Chris, Jean and Russ - I'm looking at you!) but there's still plenty of time left for anyone to take part.


On the springy side, Nick R put in a solid 8 but the star of the night was Malcolm with a 10/10 using an HW95 that was once owned by Tony (although no-one remembers it shooting that well in his hands.)


A harder proposition than shooting a PCP, he earned his mandatory round of applause for a clear round.








Malcolm showing us how it's done.

26/4/23.  The PCP table sees a change at the top with Erni getting consistent 8s both this and last week.

There was more activity on the Springer side this week with Malcolm, Bri and Club Sec. Nick H all having a go.  Malcolm improved on his 1st round score while Nick put in a robust 8 with his Air Arms and Bri somehow got a 9 with his HW77.

12/4/23.  This week saw more participation and an increase in scores.  Calum, (whose score went unreported last week) stuck in a nice, shiny 9 for second place while Erni and Ken both improved on their opening round tallies.


Malcolm also sprung (geddit?) into action by firing the first shots in the Springer side of things.  He's top of the leaderboard by way of being the only entrant so far but others will be joining in shortly to keep him company.



And it's now an official rule that anyone scoring a 10/10 clear round with a Springer gets a round of applause.

5/4/23.  More names, more scores.  Ken reckoned his HW100 got a knock in the back of the car, misaligning the barrel and causing a 5/10.


Absolutely, we believe you Ken, it's the gun.


Erni is still getting to grips with his FX thingy - I don't know the exact model as they all look the same to me.  He hasn't quite found "the pellet" for it yet so, in this 7/10 case, it's the ammo.


Bill Mc broke out his AA 510TDR with a fancy digital PARD sight for another 7/10.

This time we can probably say it's the shooter.


And, relative stranger to the 50m range, Bri got 10/10 with his bog standard AA 400.  C'mon guys - when an interloper from the 10m lanes outshoots you on your home turf it's time to up your game.


On other notes, it's looking like we'll have enough springer shooters to start a separate table.  No reason that you can't shoot in both it and PCP classes to double your fun and chances though.


And a change to the rules on sights after reasoning that Laser Range Finder (LRF) devices won't offer any notable extra advantage.  Still going to require Ballistic Calculator functions be switched off though.


29/3/23.  A quiet start as only one shooter was stupid enough to risk competition scores in the dull and drizzly conditions.  That said, 9/10 in rubbish weather from a guy who famously can't shoot beyond 10m (Bri) shows it can be done.


Any rifle, any calibre, any sights (but not those new fangled LRF/Ballistic Calculator jobbies please.)

Shoot seated with the rifle rested on pads or a bipod.  


10 shots per round, 10 rounds over the Spring/Summer.  Shoot them whenever you can manage. 


Full rules are at the top of the sidebar on the left.

If there's sufficient numbers, we'll have different classes for springers and PCPs

It's free so sign up now - details on the GARC Forum.


Please note this is not a postal address, it's purely for finding the club.



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