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                Pistol League 2020

5/5/20  And the latest update is that nothing has happened.  We're still in Lockdown and more than a few of us are missing our Trigger Time.  There is an interesting development in that Stef has borrowed Russ's Izzy as a tryout for 10m shooting.  And, finding it to his taste, has got an LPM-1 Walther on the way.


His practice cards with far too many shots in the nine and ten rings indicate that last year's Top Three won't be getting it all their own way.

Slowly slowly, catchee monkey...


26/2/20  Plenty of practice but not much official shooting about sums up this evening.  Reigning champion Steve P put in an appearance with his new (to him) Walther LPM-1 which was sporting a fresh from the factory and ever so nice Rink grip.  Steve was keen to let a few folk fondle his new wood and those who grasped it declared it perfectly shaped for the hand.


Mr P has been spending more time changing nappies than shooting of late, his newly arrived son (and future GARCer) cutting into his practice schedule so this evening was more about getting familiar with the new feel of his gun than competing.  Encouragingly (for other contestants,) his first cards were quite poor and well short of his usual standard although by the end of his session the scores were creeping up into the 80s.


Bri had an evening off from pistols.  Lugging the Izzy into Denwood every week for the last year meant that other guns in his collection were going neglected and unshot.  Normal service will resume shortly.


Alex is playing a long game and biding his time, practicing and practicing before throwing his hat into the ring.


Les hasn't been seen in a while.  He was talking about getting a full-on Steyr pistol last time he was at Denwood.  Drop us a note to let us know you're ok mate.


The rest of you (you know who you are) get shooting soon as Bri's policy thus far has been not to cajole people into competing like last year but that may change at any time.  It's for your own good and you'll enjoy it once you get going.


Someone in no need of arm twisting though was Russ.  Despite his best efforts to wreck his chances by practicing for the Open Pistol comp beforehand with an erratic and jumpy Webley Tempest, he persevered with the Izzy, putting in some bizarre groups before knuckling down and shooting an 83 to keep him top of the tree for the next couple of weeks. 

Parenthood is not being allowed to cut into Steve's practice time.

Two more...


26/2/20   Another two shooters have entered the fray.  Paul S picked up his rather nice Daisy 717 SSP and got a 54.  Paul's not really an open sights guy so kudos to him for having a crack.  Which is more than Chris W did - apparently he's waiting for the right pistol to turn up.


We're not holding our breath for that.


Bri broke out the faithful Izzy for an 81 which he is very happy with for an opening round.  Would've been happier with the 90 he got in practice afterwards but there you go.


Liam shot his 2nd round with the FAS6004.  Not as high scoring as last week with 52 but it's early days and a learning curve.


Finally, Russ knocked up an 83 with his IZH-46M which, in the absence of high flying Steve L shooting, put him at the top of the table. 


Enjoy it while it lasts, Russ!

                             And they're off! 


19/2/20  The first shots have been fired in our 2020 campaign and things have already had a shakeup from an unexpected corner.


But before we go into that we need a brief explanation of some Chris W sponsored silliness.  As Bri and Steve P have a strange fetish for wearing target shooting glasses, this has led to the aforementioned neer do well dubbing this fine competition The Borg League.  Our other pistol comp, the Open (where target glasses aren't permitted,) has been nicknamed The Human League in contrast.  So there you go - if you hear the terms you know what we're on about now.  Just don't blame me.


We're still undecided if Chris fits into either Borg or Human category though.


Back to the action.


Nick was second to shoot with his HW75.  More a rifleman than a pistol shooter, his 71 was a good start, especially after minimal practice. 


Another one not bothering much with that practice stuff was Russ.  His Izzy netted him an 82 - far too high for a first round score and hopefully just a flash in the pan.


Shooting for the first time with his newly acquired FAS6004 was Liam.  We're not hardened, super serious paper punchers so a 70 like his is respectable for any of us and that was with a wild flyer which missed completely.  If he can land all 10 shots on paper then he's going to be a contender.


And we arrive at the previously mentioned shake up which came from none other than our illustrious Club Sec. Steve L.  Keen to get his Benchrest comp started, he shot early and first and damned if he didn't get a stunning 86 with his Gamo Compact.  Last year, he entered for the craic, using (almost) a different pistol for each round.  This time he's taking it seriously and using the same gun for every round.  I think he needs to be persuaded otherwise - Steve, respect the tradition and go back to shooting unsuitable guns.


As happens all too often at Denwood, there's never enough time to fit in everything you'd like.  It was GARC's turn to clean up Denwood so a group of us gave up our trigger time to don our maid's outfits and give the place a once over.


Sing "I want to break free" just one more time while I'm hoovering

and I swear I'll hang for the lot of you!


Biting off more than he could chew was Bri.  Trying (and failing) to fit a diopter sight to his HW30, arguing with a recalcitrant red dot on the HW40 he intended using in the Open Pistol comp, zeroing his Seldom Seen AA S400F, competing in Steve's Benchrest Bonanza, marking target scores and general stuff meant that he didn't submit any cards.


Chris W was also tied up with official business, sacrificing his own shooting time to show some prospective members around - we salute your service, Captain.  He did have the modesty and good grace to blame Paul S for not bringing a suitable pistol though.


And Alex contracted that annoying affliction known as The Wednesday Wobbles and decided that discretion was the better part of valour.


Maybe a slow start with only four shooters but we're off and running and we didn't lack for quality. 

The usual suspects are signed up - still room for anyone who wants to join in.  

                                  The Rules.


Pistols (.177) only, no shoulder/carbine stocks or suchlike. 


Open sights only, no lasers, red dots, etc.


Standing, unsupported*, one handed.


10 rounds over the course of 2020 - to be taken at the individual entrant's convenience on the 10m range. The event will close just before the Club AGM.


Bisley 17 cm, 10m card targets only.  Two per round, five shots per target - total of 10 shots per round.


Official entries to be declared, signed and witnessed before shooting - no shooting 20 targets and picking the best.


No retracting targets mid shoot to see where your shots landed - target goes fully out, five shots, target comes back.


Marking of targets to be "scored up" - shots breaking score rings get the higher score value.


Target shooting glasses are permitted but mickey taking is in direct proportion to how seriously you take things - wear 'em if you got 'em but expect a slagging.


*Russ will forego perching this year and will be standing but hanging onto the rail between Lanes 1&2.


Please note this is not a postal address, it's purely for finding the club.



Grampian Air Rifle Club

Denwood Shooting Range

Countesswells Rd


AB15 7YD

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