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Competition Wednesday 28/11/18

The last Denwood session of every month is now Competition Wednesday and we got off to a good start with Chris bringing us a Cheap Gun Challenge.  Using an aged BSA Meteor, entrants had five shots at a paper target then another five at the notorious camouflaged ducks.



A dozen of us took part and the targets were meticulously scored by our crack team of people who could count without using their fingers.

Informality, fun and banter were the watchwords although some off colour language may have been directed at the ducks from time to time.  Points were also deducted from Russ's score for his traditional bemoaning of the trigger - it's too light, it's too heavy, it's too not working, etc.




The scores.  Nick narrowly managed a win with 48 ex 55, closely followed by Chris and Bri both on 46, Russ having been docked five points for, well, just because.

The winner, Nick, seen here with prize money in his pocket and whatever it was he got - sweets or cake or something, I wasn't paying attention because I was still fuming at those scumbag ducks. 


That said, all of us (Nick, Russ, Chris, Bri, Craig, Alec, Paul, Laura, Colin, Tony, Lynn and Jennifer) were winners because we had a fun time - roll on next month!



                                                        Home Guard Shoot

Oh dear.  Well, we threatened a competition and that's what we got.  And good fun it was too.


Capt. Mainwairing (who bore a remarkable resemblance to Chris Ward) made his promised appearance and roused the troops to go over the top with a Home Guard Memorial shoot.  The trenches were soon full of willing volunteers more than ready to have a crack at Jerry in the form of duck shaped knockdowns.




Our weapon of choice was a BSA 1926 Standard Model No. 2 Tap Loading Underlever in .22 cal.  No bipod, scope, red dot, laser, hamster or any of that namby pamby modern stuff, the only shooting aids allowed were a tin helmet, gasmask haversack and a Home Guard armband - enough to strike fear into the heart of any duck!

The ducks, however, proved no easy target having camouflaged themselves a dark grey against a black background (that's my excuse) but that didn't stop Lee Wilson taking an early lead by downing three of the little sods.  That wasn't going to stand though as Russ Douglas soon equalled that.







Bob taking aim.


The majority of scores hovered about the two mark with just a pair of shooters failing their marksmanship tests with zero - Colin Thomson and some other guy we won't mention. 


They both suffered the additional indignity of being out-shot by Colin's son, Cormac.







However, Rifleman Harris, being a former World Champion, had no such problems and posted a very creditable four while showing great composure under fire.  And when I say under fire, I mean Andy Gordon bouncing pellets off Dale's tin helmet while shouting "Incoming!" 






Paul Shepherd took time off from his target resetting duties and shot a respectable three.  Paul didn't photograph well so here's a pic of Ken Chapman who could pass for Paul at a distance in poor light. 

Ken also generously donated a bottle of whiskey for a prize.






In the end, no-one could equal or beat Dale's four and, if this competition had a title, he would have lifted it.  As it was, he took home half the purse, the bottle of whiskey, a hearty "Well done, that man!" from the Captain and was mentioned in despatches.


The pistol competition was a close run thing too.  Using the Weihrauch HW40 with mini Red Dot sight, Billy Matheson set the bar high straight off the mark with 41 (out of 50.)  Nobody could get near that with the bulk of following scores being in the low to mid 30s until that Douglas bloke, after complaining to all and sundry about how light the trigger was, shot a 42.  His lead didn't last long though because Ewan Manson pipped him at the post with 43, winning the other half of the purse and a Red Cross parcel.

Combining the Rifle and Pistol competition scores for an Overall prize, we had, in third place Craig Watt with 41, second place Billy Matheson on 42 and, sharing the top spot with 45, Russ Douglas and Ewan Manson.

However, by awards time, Russ had sodded off home for his ovaltine muttering something about journalistic deadlines on the way so we just gave the £50 cheque (from Swallows Bank, Walmington-on-Sea branch, signed by Capt. Mainwairing) to Ewan and called it a



A great fun evening made possible by Chris's enthusiasm, it proved that there's a desire for some lighthearted competition and many agreed that we should do  it again.  When Spring comes round and using the outdoor ranges becomes feasible, we may just do that. 


And check out Russ Douglas's Airgun World report in the "We're Famous!" page.


WHFTA at Kelmarsh 2016

Kelmarsh Hall and gardens Northamptonshire

On Saturday 26th March, the hardy souls and soul-ettes of Grampian ARC headed down to the annual World Hunter Field Target Association championship.


The "Worlds" is held over two days in the grounds of Kelmarsh Hall, Northhamptonshire, and, with 360 shooters taking part from all over, it has become the "must attend" event for HFT shooters whether you're part of a National team or just after a cracking two days of shooting, good company and the adventure of tracking down a good Indian or Chinese restaurant (I can definitely recommend Han Chinese and The Cinnamon Lounge Indian - 10/10.)

 Day One:


We got to the grounds at 7:30am to sign in.  The weather was dry but very windy - just like home really apart from the dry part.


180 shooters signed in for the morning sessions with the other 180 signing in after 9:30 for the afternoon sessions.  The all important safety briefing was read out and it then was onwards to the pegs to wait for the off.


The two courses, Alpha and Bravo, were both set out in separate woodlands at the top of a small hill with targets cunningly placed to cause the maximum amount of head scratching and confused faces. There were targets up trees, under wind fall, on fence lines and further out into open ground.  The strong wind was playing a huge part in the scoring, especially the targets in the open getting the full effect of the 20-40mph gusts and swirls.


30 targets later and people were leaving the courses accompanied by the usual mixture of head shaking, confusion, invisible gun aiming and conversations about how and why you missed targets x, y and z.  All good stuff.


A short break for repainting targets and it was time for the afternoon sessions to get underway.  The gusting conditions had kept up and, at the end of Day One, everybody seemed to agree on one thing - the wind was a nightmare.


 Day Two:


Day Two started off with the news that Countryman Fairs, the organisers of the Kelmarsh Show, were possibly going to cancel the event on safety grounds as Storm "Katie" had destroyed parts of the show through the night.


An hour or so later and it was all over.  Pulling the plug on the show meant that there was no event insurance for the shooting so it was announced that the winners would be decided on the scores from Day One.

One of the pegs on Alpha course the morning after "Katie had had her wicked way.






This meant that the overall winner was Simon Howarth who shot a quite astonishing score of 57 in the Open class on Day One.


Grampian's Grant Thomson came 2nd in the Open with a cracking score of 56.


Scotland's Greg Morss got 4th on a countback with a 55.


Grampian's James Hesson came 10th on a countback with 53.


Other Grampian ARC shooters scores in the Open class were:


Brennan Somers     50

Stuart Webb            49

Lee McNab              46

Davie Scott              43





Bob Holmes-Somers from Grampian just missed out on a podium place in the Veterans class with a very respectable 49 with Alex "I've got bad eyes" Cruickshank scoring a 45.

The Recoiling class was another success for Grampian with Dale Harris and the magic TX200 winning that class with a score of 51.


Scott "just call me Stu" Robertson put in a score of 41 but won 250 other good reasons for making the trip south.

Congratulations are also in order for young Jack Hoggan,who even managed a smile,with his 2nd place in the Juniors class with a very healthy score of 45.


The Hoggan family trip was made even better by the absolutely astounding feat of dad Willie Hoggan scooping the prize of a CZ air rifle in the raffle.



Team Scotland came in 2nd to England with 206 to 219, followed by the Welsh with 204, Czech Republic 201, Poland 181, Netherlands 173, Lithuania 156 and Belgium with 130.


All in all, it was a good day for Scotland and Grampian ARC in particular as we left the competiton with a World Champion and a Silver Medallist in our ranks - well done Dale and Grant!


Sorry if anybody has been missed out.


All scores and winners can be found here


Hopefully we'll see you all again next year.


As a footnote, if the Grampian ARC team had been there as a National team, we'd have come 2nd with 210 points.

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