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   A page for all Waulkmill happenings - watch this space for news, gossip, pictures and reports.

Help wanted 

We're hosting another two UKAHFT rounds (19/5/24 & 25/8/24) at Waulkmill.  Volunteers are required for the resetting of the courses and general marshalling/assisting duties.


Anyone who'd like to help out in any way should contact our illustrious Field Marshall Paul Bates. 

Night Shoot Sat. 14th Oct. '23


The nights are getting darker, colder and wetter and that means only one thing to that strange little sect within the Waulkmill Warriors – a Night Shoot!


Despite some people wanting to know who chose this particular Saturday, nobody owned up but they made a good choice as the weather was, let's say, lively and interesting.  Although there were sporadic outbreaks of dry spells, it predominantly rained (sometimes heavy) with strong winds and hail stones bigger than pellets.  For those familiar with the 'bottom' course, the field behind the pond looked as if snow had settled due to the volume of hail stones.  And it was cold.  Properly cold. It also coincided with there being no moon - not that we would have seen it due to the cloud cover.


Easily the coldest, wettest night so far this winter.



The foolhardy/hardy fools/dauntless heroes (delete as applicable) assembled for this, frankly, masochistic excursion into the woods consisted of some repeat offenders and new(ish) faces namely Liz, Alex (the younger), Chris, Derek, Ian, Martin, Paul, Robert and Steve.


To the shooting.  First off, the whistles used for cease fires turned out to be kids ones and pathetically quiet meaning not every group heard the start.  But start we did and, within a few minutes, great mirth could be heard from one group.  It seemed that Chris's hands were so cold that he fumbled putting the pellet into the barrel, not once, not twice, in fact "one minute" was called, followed by "two minutes" and "three minutes" before somebody offered to load the pellet for him.  This continued for all the targets he shot and some very uncharacteristic scores. He wisely retired due to safety concerns over not being too cold to feel the trigger.

The combination of wind and dark had the usual effect of reducing the scores - how do you allow for wind if you can't properly see it blowing the folliage about? - but that's part of the appeal of this less than serious event.


Scorecards got wet but survived enough for the scores to be worked out and, back at the shack, Chris was thawed out and the scores were announced.

1st - Martin (46)

2nd/1st Lady - Liz (40)
3rd - Steve (39)
4th - Robert (38)
5th - Ian (36)
6th - Alex (the younger) (35)
7th - Derek (32)
8th - Paul (28)


Congratulations to Liz and Martin – dang good scores in those conditions!

There was universal enjoyment (which was bl**dy amazing considering the weather) and they'll all probably do it again next year.  An acquired taste for sure but also an addictive one.


Big, big thanks to superstars Mr Waulkmill (Paul) for bringing his generator and the fuel to run it and Alex (the elder) for painting the targets.

UKAL HFT 16/4/23


Our first hosting of the UKAL HFT Competition this year and it was interesting for various reasons.


After all the usual signing in and safety preliminaries (sadly ignored by some,) the wind proved a bit tricky, and caught many people out.  It wasn't blowing a gale nor was it a gentle breeze.  To most, it seemed that every time you pulled the trigger, the wind would drop or increase at that very moment.  Frustrating but the Top Course is a bit of a bugger to compete on at any time of the year despite some saying that it's an easy course to shoot.  That said, those “some” have never shot a clear, 60/60 round...


While the majority of shooting went well, there were a few incidences of poor gun handling from people who really should know better.  These incidences were swiftly jumped upon by our illustrious team of Safety Marshals and dealt with quickly, safely and appropriately.


However, one individual displayed copious amounts of weapons-grade stupidity and received a more “robust” response.  Target 21 "Brian the Snail” (named after the Magic Roundabout character and not our well known Webmaster,) is mounted up a tree and someone called a fault with it.  With a ceasefire declared, a Marshal climbed a ladder to check things out and the aforementioned brainless individual thought he'd get a closer look at the progress by picking up his rifle, pointing it in the Marshal's direction and looking through the scope to see what was happening.


Yes, you read that right – he aimed directly at a Marshal.



Obviously, there was no intent to fire but it's still the act of a colossal idiot.  To say he got a Hiroshima level “talking to” would be an understatement and was lucky not to be escorted off the range.  Or thrown in the lake.   He has been reported to his club though and will probably be ok once the bandages come off.


And, with that (never to be repeated) unpleasantness aside, here's the all-important scores from the GARC competitors including two winners -

Bill McConnachie 33 - only .22 Shooter in the comp but, hey, you gotta be in it to win it – and Stuart Gordon with a great 50 in the Recoiling class

Others -

Open class: Alex - a cool 53 but not, alas, a 60 on this “easy” course, Colin Thomson 48 (well done!) Martin 44 who claimed he was having a bad day but it just might have been the wind – internal or external we don't know.

Golden Oldies: Chris Ward 48 and 2nd in class (most enjoyable HFT Shoot I have ever had with damn good company in my shooting party but not my best score.)


Paul Bates 38.  He kept singing “Behind the Green Door” by Shakin' Stevens and got the rhythm wrong on pulling the trigger.  In hindsight, “Shaky” songs might not have been the best choice for standers – maybe get down wit da Rock Steady Crew next time?


Thanks go out to Steve, Tony and our Teri for the marshalling and anyone else that aided in this event along with the chaps that built the course - a vital job that is often forgotten about.




Stuart Gordon receiving his 1st Place trophy (Recoiling) from a bemused Waulkmill Mother of (Soup) Dragons "our Teri."  It would seem that, going by the way he's holding it, Stuart has handled a similar (but much smaller) type of trophy before.

Our next UKAL event is in August when/where we expect to see proper levels of gun handling and safety and perhaps a few more GARC members to help or take part in this national competition. 

Original report by Chris W, edited by Bri.

UKAL Competitions 


We're hosting two rounds of the 2023 UKAL HFT Competition at Waulkmill this year.


Held on Sundays 16th April and 13th August, these events are open to all and attract the best shooters from all parts of Scotland.


As usual, we're looking for volunteers to help run the show - any time you can spare to help with registration or marshalling would take the load off the Waulkmill Faithful and be greatly appreciated.


Times and other details will be posted shortly but entry is £7 (cash please) and payable on the day.  Information about getting to Waulkmill can be found in the "How to find us" page.


Good luck everyone.

Night Shoot 19/11/22.


An early start for three of us as we painted & oiled the targets, set the glow sticks, dusted and hoovered and generally got things ready for our  intrepid fellow shooters.  Paul even rigged up an extension lead for the generator so we'd benefit from the marvel of electric light at the clubhouse.  A bit more course cleaning and glow sticks activated then it was off to Field Marshal Paul's place for a "all day breakfast" - thank you Paul and Mrs Paul.

Returning and finding that some hardy, unafraid of the dark, souls had turned up, we had the safety briefing, split into pairs and got stuck in to the tin chickens.  Martin arrived a little later as he hadn't got the message about the earlier start to beat the weather. 


Wind made its presence felt not only out on the course but also in the scores - it affects the trajectory of the pellets yet, in the dark, you can't see the folliage/undergrowth or target string move to judge your windage compensation.  Tricky.  


Taking that into account, there were some good scores under the circumstances.  Thanks to Paul's electrical prowess, we were able to count up all the resultant 0s, 1s and 2s at the clubhouse for -


1st Martin - 46
=2nd Teri - 38
=2nd Ian - 38
4th Robert - 37
=5th Chris - 36
=5th Steve - 36
=7th Paul - 32
=7th Jean - 32

Martin soundly thrashed the lot of us, his margin of victory was exceptional - well done, Sir!  Honourable mentions go to Godmother of Waulkmill Teri on her first time back for a while and newest member Ian on his first competition shoot as joint 2nd with a borrowed gun (a Steyr) is not to be sniffed at.  Also, points for pistol man Jean giving it a go as this is about as far off the beaten (10m) track as you can get.


The earlier start was proved to be a wise decision as we missed the threatened rain and really high winds of the BBC weather forecast.  We all made it back dry and not too cold.

Enthusiasm was high and we're going to have another night shoot in December - date TBA.  I also fancy an "It's snowing!" shoot (yeah, I'm weird like that) so keep your eyes peeled for a very short notice announcement - hopefully global warming won't step in and thwart that plan.

 Open Day 14/8/22.


In a moment of mental instability and recklessness, I strayed out of my 10m comfort zone and made the trip up to Waulkmill.  Taking my better half Jackie along for emotional support amongst all the hairy chested, rufty tufty outdoor types, we two city slickers were immediately lulled into a false sense of security with hello's, smiles, familiar faces, burgers and soft drinks.


Not a painful start.


With Jackie being a shooting novice, I thought it best to avoid  explanations and discussions of calibres, powerplants and pellets by keeping things easy and accessible so packed some simple to shoot toys - AA S400F, HW40, Hammerli 480k2 and, star of the plinking range show, Tanfoglio Gold Custom BB shooter.  A good idea on my part as it largely circumnavigated the glazed eye look that so often follows any mention of airguns.


From past experience, HFT isn't my thing - too much getting up and down with the added possibility of getting my Hush Puppies muddy - so we made our way down to the plinking range where a few of the guys were blasting the hell out of the tin chickens.  Suitably seated and rested, the 'S400F was brought into service and, after a safety brief, my never-shot-a-rifle-before other half promptly rattled the knock-downs and the spinners with ease.  Hmmm....  didn't expect that.


Time to move onto the pistols.  A proven crowd pleaser, the red dotted Tanfoglio got charged up and loaded and steel was rang consistently.  It passed through a few hands, both young and old, and went down well - going by the CO2 carts used, it went through about 500 shots and eventually had to prised out of someone's hand!

Some more serious pistol shooting was tried with the Hammerli 480k2 10m PCP.  A couple of impromptu challenges were held, much to the shame of your Club's Webmaster who could only manage a draw over two rounds against his total novice partner.


It would've been great to say hello and catch up with so many people but we got so tied up having fun on the plinking range that we ran out of time before we knew it.  So many smiling faces enjoying themselves with airguns and each other's company on such a lovely day was a joy and we'll be back for the next one - you should make the effort too.

Open Day 3/7/22.


Oh that we now had here. But one ten thousand of those members in GARC that do no work to-day! From this day to the ending of the world, we in it shall remember!!! - The Waulkmill Open Day on the third day of July, 2022.


We few, we happy Waulkmill few , we band of air gun brothers; For he to-day that shoots his pellets with me, shall be my brother.  Be he never so vile, this day shall gentle his condition; And gentlemen in Denwood now a-bed, shall think themselves accursed they were not here, and hold their Daystates cheap whiles any speaks, that they shot with us upon a Waulkmill Open Day.


This day is call'd the Feast of Open Day.  He that outlives this day, and comes safe home, will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam'd, and rouse him at the name of Open Day.  He that shall live this day, and see old age, will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours, and say "To-morrow is Open Day. Then will he strip his sleeve and show his air arms, and say "These dents I had on open day.  Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot, but he'll remember, with advantages, what feats he did that day.  Then shall our names, familiar in his mouth as household words - Harry the King, Bill & Paul, Steve and Robert, Chris and Terri, Chris & Stef, Nick and Colin, Paul and Tracey, Abbey and Maha, Jim and his wife, David and Dave, George and Bob the Hare, being in their flowing cups freshly remembered.  This story shall the good man teach his sons; And Crispin Crispinian shall ne'er go by from this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall be remembered.   


If we are marked to get food sickness , we are endow to do our country loss.  And if to live?  The fewer men, the greater share of barbeque. God's will!  I pray thee, wish not one member more that does not uplift our club.  By Jove, I am not covetous for first place.  It yearns me not if men our garments wear.  Such outward things dwell not in my desires.  But if it be a sin to covet Cheese  Burgers..... Rather proclaim it members of GARC, through our internet host, that he which hath no stomach to this event, let him depart; His passport shall be made, and empty pellet tins for convoy put into his purse; We would not shoot in that man's company, that fears his fellowship to shoot with us. For the best hope I have. O, do not wish one more!  Almost a quote from Henry V (W Shakespeare/C Wardsworth.)


It was a great day indeed, very enjoyable with good company and hot barbeque.  I almost feel sorry for those of you who didn't turn up.  It wasn't all about shooting but socialising with club members as well. Hopefully we will have another social later on in the year.  Meanwhile, my thanks to all that took part, to those that arranged it and the work put in to give me and hopefully others an enjoyable, top notch day. 





Thanks to Steve and Robert for doing the cooking and providing the barbeque grills.



UKAL HFT Competition at Waulkmill on 19th June 2022.


Steve L writes...


Early doors and things started dry with a bit of wind.  By 10am it was raining and blowing leaves off the trees!  Any of you familiar with the ‘Valley of Doom’ on the bottom course will know the effect of wind at Waulkmill.  Well, the new top course has two ‘Valleys of Doom’ so double the fun!   

With a few modifications to the course on the advice from Greg Morss (Mr UKAL,) the top course passed muster and the competition started at about 11am with the wind still as strong but the rain all but stopped.

Twenty-four competitors, including seven from GARC, took part.  A good figure considering the cost of fuel (as Stuart pointed out, doing this mileage, and meeting those costs to participate in the UKAL competitions is normal for GARC members.)

Aside some over enthusiastic yanking on the reset strings, which pulled over a few targets set on brake discs, there were no problems with the targets.  One was called as faulty, but the target-tester proved otherwise.  And how/why one shooting peg ended up laying on the floor I didn’t find out.

I didn’t hear too many grumbles on the day.  In the debrief (natter) after the competition, while a few improvements were noted, the course was considered a success.


The Scores -

I’ve no idea what ‘CB’ means in the column that seems to be the class!
Considering the wind – at one point I watched the wind blowing left-to-right at the target, while at the firing line it was in your face from the right, and three targets away it was right to left and pushing the pellet low – there were some very good scores (by my expectations anyway.)  The bonus was… no shoot-out, yayyy!

Next UKAL competition at Waulkmill is scheduled for 28th August. It's planned to do a completely new layout of the bottom course for this.

And there's plans for an Open Day at Waulkmill (hopefully 3rd July – TBC).  See "Spitfire Alley," "Doom Swamp," "Unknown," "Minefield," "Dragon’s Den," "Officer's Mess" and any other names that might come into use for parts of the course.

Night Shoot 30/10/21

The stars at night are big and bright (clap, clap, clap, clap,) deep in the woods of Waulkmill.

The Scottish sky is wide and high (clap, clap, clap, clap,) deep in the woods of Waulkmill.

The weeds in bloom is like perfume (clap, clap, clap, clap,) deep in the woods of Waulkmill.

Reminds me of the one I love (clap, clap, clap, clap,) deep in the woods of Waulkmill.

The foxes wail along the trail (clap, clap, clap, clap,) deep in the woods of Waulkmill.

The rabbits rush around the brush (clap, clap, clap, clap,) deep in the woods of Waulkmill.

The airgun folk, they scream & shout (clap, clap, clap, clap,) when a target's knocked down at Waulkmill.


You'll never know who might turn up (clap, clap, clap, clap,) unless you're in the woods of Waulkmill.


And so it came to pass that Warlocks Paul Bates and Steve Ludlow conjured a bewitching night shooting spell and summoned up both various nocturnal demons with their glowing green lights and the ghosts of former members still haunting the bogs and woods of the Waulkmill shooting grounds on this year's Halloween's eve.


But who would turn up and face the hidden terrors of this the haunted forest? Are there Heroes still in GARC?  Vampire slayers, ghost busters, Waulkmill Warriors and Denwood men with stout heart and guts enough to tackle outdoor shooting in the all-enveloping darkness?  Or would Bob the WereHare and his band of headless horsemen from the 'Shire scare them away once the street lights of Old Aberdeen started to fade from their rear view mirrors?

Things started off at 16:00, just still in daylight and before the maleovolent forces of the forest got their ghoulies out.   Warlocks Steve and Paul, ready to give said ghoulies a kicking, got the course painted and glow lights in place ready for the band of shooting superheroes.  Paul also wired up a generator to provide lighting within the club hut and keep vampires at bay while Steve moved a few targets around to confuse folk that had already shot the course a few days earlier.  Our thanks go out to these two gents for their efforts - among the club's body of men they make a fine pair of Warlocks.
Shooters started to arrive from 18:00 to get their kit working and setup on the plinking range in time for the 19:45 safety brief and 20:00 start. The turnout was great with fifteen members in attendance consisting of 13 shooters and two helpers/rangers/marshals.  Hang on...  13 shooters?  Isn't that a coven? Despite this, there was no naked cavorting around trees.


Well, not during the shoot, at any rate...


Chris M and the Godmother of Waulkmill flew in from Peterhead on Teri's new green powered electric hoover, thus saving the trees and planet and confirming that we had now got a full coven formed.  Alex C turned up with a gun bearer in the form of shooting buddy Stuart who was unable to take part in the shoot due to recovering from an operation.  He assisted Alex by pointing his flashlight towards the targets, which has proved the rumours that Stuart still holds a torch for Alex!  Again our thanks to both Stuart and Teri for acting as marshals throughout this fun competition.

Named and shamed.  We had only two confirmed no-show shooters.  Both had promised to be there but...

Shame on you both for not turning up and the pathetic excuses given afterwards.  The real reason was you were both out on a date together and that's the rumour of those that were there have agreed to spread around.  So shame on you both Paul Shepard and Bill McConnachie.  Oh sorry, I didn't mean to name you but I can't use tippex on my computer so please forgive the name dropping -


The Shoot itself.  A random name draw was taken by our Teri to ensure that entrants would be shooting in groups of two and one group of three. This was to mix the group up and not allow normal shooting partners to go around together (as per HFT rules.)  The exception was friends Stefan Duncan & Chris Anderson, often seen shooting together at Waulkmill and, as luck would have it, were matched in the draw and became even greater friends since they have both had a walk in the woods together at night?  Or was Teri matchmaking?  I hope it was luck - I wouldn't like to be matched up with Paul Bates, at night and in a wood.  But this was Halloween's eve and Paul was paired with Colin Thomson (Which one was the nightmare?)  Groups were spaced two pegs apart although there were mutterings that this wasn't enough distance from that pair.


Fun was had by all going by the ooh's and ahh's heard when shots were fired towards the targets.  And the weather was perfect, dry and warm with just a very slight bit of wind now and again.  Or so some of our top shots reported, usually just after a miss.  However, I shall let those who took part add to this event should they wish to over on the GARC Forum.


One thing that was said by all was that it was a great night and when is the next one?  Well, soon we hope, in November/December.


Is this the ghostly hand  of Bob the WereHare, hovering about and above the firing lines, poised to swoop and give someone a spectral slap on the head? 


Scores on the doors.  Remember this was a fun shoot so I'm not listing them all.


Paul & Samuel Bennion shared a HW 99 springer on their first night shoot ever and did themselves proud (2nd & 3rd place spring.)  Another father and son duo Steve & Robert Ludlow also had a go and it was interesting to note that the dads were both outshot by their sons - well done lads!)  Paul Bates, David Vine (standing supported only) Chris Malcolm, Martin Taylor (1st in Springer 46 damn good score Sir) Chris Anderson, Colin Thomson (3rd open 49) Chris Ward (2nd open 52) joint first Open  Alex C & Stefan Duncan 57.


Thanks again to all that took part and Paul, Teri, Stuart and Steve.

There were as many stars on the ground taking part in this shoot as there were lighting the sky at Waulkmill on this event.  No losers (bar two - shame) and all that took part were winners.

                                        Reports from The Front.


Captain Chris W with the latest, muddiest despatches from the trenches of Waulkmill.



Waulkmill 2020 

Well what a year it's been, so here is a catch up on the early days of this year before Covid 19.  Black Tony, with his usual optimism, started off at Denwood by saying we're doomed and some of us didn't believe him.  




How wrong were we?

The year at Waulkmill  got under way in January with an old spring gun open sight shooting comp.  The weather was perfect due to the very mild winter we were blessed with, there was a great turn out and fun was had by all.  Unless you were in the competition, that is.  Yes, as much as we like the relaxed competitions, human instincts kick in and drive you to do you best or, in other words, win and grind your opponents into the dirt.  The scores on the doors have passed into time now, with the exception of who came first, who used one up-manship and any highlights of the day. 


Steve L turned up with his pistol and duly entered into the swing of things, hitting many of the targets (a bit too many for my liking) with a pistol. including knock downs (bah, humbug!) 


He managed all shots using the kneeling or standing positions only (this man is no roll over)  and missed only a few - far less than what was expected, much to his and my surprise.



               Pistolero Steve


Steve was my shooting partner this day, so no pressure then with a pistol against a rifle on a HFT course??!!  Not quite the equivalent of taking a knife to a gunfight but it was a closer run thing than you'd think.  Steve can claim to be the winner of the open sights....pistol on this fine day (well done Sir.)   We both had a laugh and a good day out, which is what it's all about.


Colin Thompson (sorry Colin, I nearly forgot your instruction that I have to take the P out of  your name, and I will try) Colin Thomson used his .22  Webley Mk. 3.


As some of you know, it's a rule that, should any open sight weapon shooter score a knock down, then a loud cheer should be put up by the witness to this event and then be joined in by all others on the course as a hearty well done  Don't ask - it's an open sight shooter thing.  


Colin with the P taken out of him


Colin is always at his best when roaring like a lion to show support (don't stand next to him when he roars it's like being next to a foghorn) but some say that he's just a big noisy pussy... cat.  However a better person to go around a course with is hard to find and he'll keep you on your toes.  Throughout this Covid 19 outbreak, it has mainly been Colin and his gang of cubs who have worked on keeping the courses up to standard for shooting so here's a big Thank You for your efforts.  Oh, and on this occasion, Colin didn't fall over as reported in many other events at Waulkmill.  Which means no holes to fill in so far.


Chris Malcolm, pictured here putting a .22 cork into his Cometa 300, proved to be the best shot of the day in this old spring gun Comp.  It's to his credit that whenever he brings out this wee beastie in open sights .22 spring rifles, he's normally the top shooter in this class.  Or are the rest of us just that bad?


Well done Chris and well done to all that took part - a great day out.


         Marksman Malcolm

Sunday 27th October. Orange and Lemons Open sights competition.

Jackpot!!! At last a pure open sights only comp with a good turn out by Team Waulkmill.  However, and it was a however day for some, the weather was not at its best with the amount of rain and the coldness of the morning nipping the hands and face.

For this event, the normally coloured lemon/yellow targets had been painted orange to aid the visibility for aiming with open sights in the darker areas that make up the top course.  And it worked better than hoped for - all targets could be seen clearly without the aid of a scope.  Also, four new targets had been put out, giving a total of 34 oranges to take a shot at on this fruitful day while none of us would look like lemons at the close of play.  Well, that was the plan...

After many cups of tea and coffee, it was time to get the ball rolling but the removal of the lemons from the top course had made its mark with some members of this shooting party.  It would seem that most of the lemons had moved into the club hut and these lemons who, shamefully, are part of Team Waulkmill, wimped out of facing the rain.  King Billy would turn in his grave as, out of eight shooters only three stepped forward to take on the orange wildlife of Waulkmill.  Steve L, Chris M and Chris W are all now Waulkmill Superheroes and, If Paulthengine had not been at a prearranged engagement, I am sure the Three would have been Four.

As for the rest of you...  Shame, Shame and thrice Shame and you know who you are!   So us brave Three suited up to face the elements and said our farewells in true Capt. Oates style " We are going outside and may be some time."  Battling our way to the top course, the rain fell and all were getting wet. But wait, the rain stopped and the clouds cleared, the good Lord must have smiled on us Three, and a window of good weather started right at Target one and would last until Target 34.  It should be pointed out at this stage that my two comrades in arms had talked me out of using my beloved S200 with open sights.  Instead I was to use a Webley Vulcan that had just the day before been fitted with a new seal and spring and only tested for power at 11.2lbs but not zeroed.  After the event I have to ask myself "Why did I agree to it?"  But fair's fair this was now an old gun open sight comp with the other two rifles being Steve's 1925 BSA model S (The Choice of Champions) and Chris M's 1970's Relum.  Well, we Three had a ball, and I can say that it was one of the worst shoots I've had in many a year but also one of the most enjoyable as all our performances on this day were not that far apart and the banter and sportsmanship was first class.  Targets did fall, many stayed up and some were considerately left in perfect condition for the next shoot.   Did you known that an orange is the same shape as a zero?  Three of us can confirm that fact now. Top Banana was Chris M and the best shot of the day won, while his other two comrades came second and third.  So "Shut it lemons" - you didn't shoot and therefore didn't getting a placing (Wimps).

After dinner, a second round was called for and Colin T (Lemon, second class) keenly joined the superheroes and again a fine round was had.  Thanks again to our good Lord above as he performed the same weather trick as he had for the comp round.  Colin T (Bless him) you'll remember from the HFT shoot as the man who put a dent into the bottom course.  Well, he tried to do the same thing again but with the top course (Hippo alert - stay up hill!)  But remember, when shooting outdoors - slips trips and falls don't just happen in the workplace so be careful my fellow shooters. 


It was truly a fine day for those who dared to face the elements and a poor one for wimpy lemons.  Well done, Chris M!

Sunday 20th October 2019.

Oh, that we now had here, but one ten thousand of those men in Denwood that do no work to-day!

From this day to the ending of the world, but we in it shall be remembered - We few, we happy Waulkmill few, we band of Air gun brothers; For he to-day that sheds his pellets with me, shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, this day shall gentle his condition; And gentlemen in Aberdeenshire now a-bed, Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here, and hold their Daystates cheap whiles any speaks, that shot with us upon a Waulkmill day.    
Almost a quote from Henry V


Nippy?  I should say so!  The first coolish day of Autumn hit Waulkmill and we happy few who turned up for a shoot spent much of the morning on the zeroing range or in the Club Igloo.  There wasn't any snow or rain, it was just damn nippy on the exposed hands or other parts that our shooters wished to display to the elements. I mention this because one of our club members has come out of the closet and declared that he, who or what ever he formerly called himself is a fine weather shooter and the thought of a walk in the woods, hand in hand with Cher may not be the most romantic moment he has had with this well known HW110.


However, by midday all of us penguins had warmed up, removed our wrappers and a trip to the top course was on.  Chris M bravely took his Relum open sight beastie (hoo-ray,) Teri was armed with her Hw 100 (silence,) myself, Steve and the FM shooting PCP with scopes. No score cards were kept but, with just a little wind to throw us off some of the shots, fun was had as always with this band of hardy outdoor types. 


This week coming (Sunday) will sort the men from the boys as an open sight competition is on for those who wish to try this ever increasing air rifle shooting sport.  The course is also open for normal shooting as well so hopefully we'll see you there.




Winter is coming!  A night shoot is being planned as well - details to be posted nearer the time.

Way Hey what a fantastic day!!!

The Waulkmill Open Challenge - Sunday 29th September .


Well, hot shots of Grampian, this turned out to be far better than we thought possible what with all the club members who entered this contest of David (open sights) and Goliath (Scoped) showing a true spirit of adventure and sportsmanship.


The weather was good if not a tad overcast, not as bright as we had wished for when it came to just a few targets that were surrounded by foliage, but no problem for a scoped beastie.  At least there was no rain and it was dry and warm.  Due to a misunderstanding between Team Waulkmill about work party days, both courses had been prepared for this event instead of the usual Bottom course - what a bonus, two courses fit to shoot and with freshly painted targets ready to be chipped away with our best efforts to get a knock down.

Are you an open sights (hit and hoper) or scoped dragon? To my and others total surprise,  we had only one person who entered with a scoped rifle, the rest of us opting for open sights.... unbelievable.  This was going to be a comp and a half!  Now let's not forget the rules, scopes could only shoot standing and kneeling (that's hard on any given day,) open sights could shoot in any position they wanted.  Targets were standard HFT kills zones set for the standard ranges out to 45 yards.

The day started at the club house with a safety briefing by Paulthengine (God bless him) who reminded us, and I quote "that he was only there to show the rest of us how good we are.  " We had a new shooter and his wife turn up to the grounds for a look around and was duly entered into the score cards and escorted around the course by Chris M and his good lady (and almost tame dragon) Teri.

Big surprise of the day was Alex C who entered the comp with a HW77 with open sights.  I've only seen this well known hot shot with a scoped PCP and would have thought until today that, if Alex was going to shoot, he would be in it to win it and use his Steyr with a scope.  That's the spirit, it's is a fun day after all.  Paulthengine managed a small mistake - after zeroing his hot shooting LGV to 25 yards at home, he allowed Alex to shoot it on the plinking range and it was re-zero'd to 12 yards.  This gave Paul some ranging problems until we realised by speaking with Alex what had happened and by target 15 the sights were reset to roughly 25 yards and Paul started hitting the plates.  Second quote of the day by Paul was "I cant see them bloody targets, I am just pointing this rifle at them yellow things out there."  Well done Sir, you didn't get the wooden spoon!

Colin T had a problem with the rear sight on his HW 35.  It was loose and couldn't be fixed on site so Colin stuck with it and did, against all the odds, hit plates and scored one knock down.  Well done Sir!   Chris M used his Cometa 300 and had, by the grace of God, three knock downs and many plates. Last time out Chris did much better than this but I have a feeling that, as it was a comp, Teri would have being trying to put him off (bless her, Teri shouts at me when I am doing well.)  Chris is now talking about turning his AR20 Terminator's Leg into an open sighter - now that would be a beast to watch.

Steve L, what a superhero to take a 1925 BSA Standard around with him.  He couldn't be bothered with all that Prone malarkey so shot standing and kneeling instead, managing 3 three knock downs and many plates and ended the day in 4th position!  Fantastic effort Sir.  Had Steve used Cher, (HW110) with a scope I wonder if the 1st and 2nd places would have been a contest in itself.  Alex C claimed five knock downs, many plates and a few zeros.   Yes readers, that's right - zeros!  He ended the day in 3rd position and again, well done Sir!
As for myself (Chris W,) I went round with my open sight S200 and managed eight knock downs and three zeros the rest being plates, which I am pleased to say put me in 2nd position.  (Well done Sir!  Webmaster)



'And, the Winner of the 2019 Waulkmill Open Challenge is dunn, dunn, dunnn...  Teri.
Yes, we have a Lady winner, beating all the men and not for the first time to boot.  Teri managed a top score of 40, with only two zeros, 12 Knock downs and the rest plated.  A hearty well done My Lady, from all of us who took part.  As I am a poor shooter when it comes to standing and kneeling shots, I take my hat off to you.  I should add that Teri had just zeroed her BSA on the plinking range that very morning and, after it had been out of service for two years, this was it's first outing at Waulkmill since then.  It's a shame for the rest of us you didn't let Alex have a go with it first on the plinking range!

Such a good time was had by all that we all went out again, following our leader Alex C who just couldn't wait to get stuck in again with his HW 77, this time using the top course.  Most of us shot with the same guns which had provided all of us with such marksmanship on our frolic on the bottom course. That's just how much fun we had.  Steve had challenged me to a Granny shoot out, so I whipped out my 1908 BSA Model D and took him on.  Five knock downs I managed to claim, beating Steve and Alex C!  I'm going to make a point here of this achievement because when am I ever likely to beat Alex C in a comp again in my lifetime?


And I did it twice in one day! :) You're a very kind man indeed Alex. 


If points could have been awarded for the best cheering they would have been given to both Chris M and Steve L.  I had to turn my hearing aids off when these two joined in to celebrate a knock down.  In fact, if I had thought about the comp a little better, I would have given all participants a medal for showing a true spirit of adventure and sportsmanship.


I salute you all.   Or as Paul would say "I ake my at off to you all." 



A Field Marshal writes...


Well,I started out with a disadvantage and it got worse! On Friday I took the scope off my Walther LGV and attempted to zero the Tru Glow open sights and discovered that I could see the red bit, the green bit and the target but not at the same time!   This produced a stunning five inch group at 16 yards (apart from a few fliers.)  So, what to do?  Take the PCP with scope?  Nah - someone's got to come last, so in the spirit of things, I took the open sighted springer.

Alex turned up with a Venom Feinwerkbau Sport (Chris thinks this was an HW77 cos he can't spell Feinwerkbau) and showed an interest in the Tru glow sights cos he had a set on order.  So I says to im, 'ave a go an' see if you can zero it while yer at it.  Now, don't ever bother getting somebody else to zero yer rifle, it don't work cos their eyes are in a different place to yours (visions of a Picasso.)  Anyway, off we went and I couldn't hit the barn never mind the door. About half way round, Chris says "Even you can`t be that bad, give us a look at yer gun."  The sights were wound down by about 43 mildinglies and suddenly I could plate.  Well, the close ones anyway!  I then discovered a REVELATION that everybody else knows and takes for granted.  IT MATTERS WHERE YOU PUT YER HEAD!  It shouldn't matter cos yer eye is looking through two fixed points at the target (blob of yellow to me.)  Anyway, I completed the course without having a hissy fit only to find that poor Colin had a worse score than me (he effectively didn`t have a rear sight!)

I took my Ripley Elite for the second shoot - never been so pleased to look through a scope!

Couple of points,I was really impressed with everybody for entering into the spirit of the competition,Teri for the unsupported kneeling and standing and Steve with a BSA that is older than God`s Donkey.  Thanks Everybody

Reports are coming in that on Sunday the 8th of September, the weather at Waulkmill was perfect for shooting, with a respectable turn out by members of the club, throughout the day. 







Garc Shooters on cloud 9 after passing drugs testing!

In other top stories today, Godmother of Waulkmill verbally attacks & abuses spring gun shooter in the woods.

2nd outing for Terminator's Leg - performing well after reported set back last week. 

Club members toilet now flushing!  Paul S relieved to be back at Waulkmill.

Paul the engine has a new gun!!   All this and more to be posted later on. Stay tuned.  

Sunday 31st Aug 2019.  I must admit that today I was not in the mood to face the light rain that was reported we may have at my home from home.

My good friend and big wimp Paul S called off today with some excuse about his toilet was not flushing and then dropped himself in it by stating

"Do you know it's raining?".  The Wimp.

However, the hardcore of Team Waulkmill would be there so I couldn't let them down, could I? - in the absence of Paul they needed someone they can beat.

Arriving at the club hut, a hot cup of coffee was needed before I could do anything else and even then I was still not in the mood to partake of the wet. The rain wasn't really bad, just light drizzle and we've all shot in much worse this year.  However, Team W talked me into going around and once the coffee had taken its effect, I was raring to go.  A selection of high end guns was the choice of the day bar one - due to an oversight, I had picked up the wrong bag and had brought my Diana Mauser K98 springer fun gun. How could I take on the might of a HW100, AR 20, Steyr and Gaystate?  Easy - I would claim Recoiling and not Open Class.

Starting on the Top Course, Chris M and Teri had a first class round.  This was a first outing for Chris M and his AR20, and some impressive shots were achieved with his Terminator's Leg (lifted from Paul The Engine's Forum post).  Alex and Stuart were in a class of their own with Alex moaning about Stuart beating/whopping him since Stuart had changed his scope back to a Connect.  My K98 performed well between 8-30 yds and then not so good above that.  All pellets bar two did hit their targets though.  Problem was the 4.52 JSB seemed to be a bit loose in the breach causing a few pellets to drop out when closing the under lever. Following Chris M's advice, I've ordered some 4.53s for this Sunday coming but otherwise I'm delighted with this K98.  I didn't think it would be this good, after all, it ain't an HW 77/97 and never will be.  You will have to shoot a K98 to see what I mean and, with some more trial & error, I think I'll have a good one here.  I even got the long range duck (T24 Valley of Doom) and the standing unsupported (T29) - the first time I've killed them (yahoo!)  It proved to be an Elephant and Squirrel Nut killer too, something the Terminator's Leg & HW100 couldn't do today which is just a little dig directed towards Chris M and Teri.

After Dinner, it was time for another round with Steve L joining us for a afternoon out with his loveable black lab at his side  This time the AR20 wasn't doing so well, dropping some shots and the reasons for this are not clear at the moment - further investigation to be carried out by Chris M.  Apart from that - and I always say this - a very enjoyable day was had by all despite the drizzle in the morning.   Good company, banter and shooting.


Paul The Engine is back this Sunday and has a new gun to boot, another AR20/Terminator's Leg (common as muck these days...) so hopefully we will see some of you indoor types out at Waulkmill this coming Sunday.  If the 4.53's arrive I will take the K98 out again and the S200.  A red faced or flushed Paul S will be shamed into attending. 


See you then!

I kid you not, today was hot, I mean Hot Hot Hot with no wind to cause us concerns with shooting off centre of the targets.  Best of all, no drizzle (thank goodness), the sun was bright with rays of light glinting off the pyramids of Mintlaw, the sheep had been replaced by camels and the earth had turned to sand.  It was a hot & dry day indeed - T shirt weather for the sun soaked sands of the Waulkmill Desert - and easily the best weather so far at this oasis in Grampian.

Only a very few of us legionnaires managed to report for duty - just Bow & Jest.  However, this gave us a chance to train rather than be in competition with other Fort Waulkmill Troopers, and we used the time testing our ranging skills by calling the range of a target first then checking it with a range finder to see if we were correct to within 2 yds of the target with points being awarded to the final scores.   Then, of course, taking a shot at the target with .22 rifles.

Yes, yes, yes - knowing the range makes things a lot easier and that's why we used .22, which is a lot harder to score with if you are normally a .177 shooter (try it before you comment).  Legionnaire Bow, who is a newcomer to .22 air-gunning, quickly noticed the differences between  the use of mil dots for .22 shooting as compared to .177 with none of this top or bottom of the kill zone stuff as with a .177.  This was a real cannon shooting party (try a .25 at 45 yds!)

 I am pleased to say that, by half way, we'd started coming to grips with the .22's.  As a former World Champion once told me, .22 is all about range finding and then it's easy (sure it is?) but there are good grounds to his words.

After dinner, we checked Bow's zero and confirmed it was set to 28yds.  We then tried a pellet change for the longer ranges and his grouping tightened up and now the man is ready to take on .22 Supremo Chris M next Sunday (but only if he can use the range finder first!)

This was one of the best .22 practice days I've had in years and I must do more ranging practice.  Scoring points for range finding which were then added to the overall score provided a little more fun to this hot day.  A very useful exercise in range finding and the use of mil dots and a good day was had.  I did lose a few pounds out on the course, but only in sweat.  Yes, I know that I am a teletubbie, and that it did me some good to lose these pounds.


I did lose a few pounds out on the course, but only in sweat.  Yes, I know that I am a teletubby, and that it did me some good to lose these pounds.

Well, that's it for this week and don't forget the Bring & Buy sale at Denwood this first Wednesday of September!

                                    Waulkmill 11 Aug 2019, HFT Shoot.

Drizzle, drizzle and more drizzle but only when the shooting was being conducted!  A little wind was thrown in as well, just to make the Valley of Doom live up to its name.

Before this event had taken place the work party had goodish weather to enable a course to be set up and a big thank you to all that built the course, which, having looked at facebook, all the other clubs enjoyed.


The day for me started at 09:30 when I arrived at the site to find Black Tony setting up the kitchen and getting the morning bacon rolls going.  Several other club(s) shooters had arrived and were themselves ready for some food and a hot drink after their journey up to the N.E of Scotland in this not so nice weather.  It wasn't especially heavy rain or even a strong wind but it was drizzly, blowy and wet.   People started to drift in and soon the hut was full up - it was a good turn out by the other Scottish clubs.  Dale H, booked all shooters in and allocated starting pegs for the shoot.  GARC was a bit thin on the ground but there was a nice surprise when Colin T walked in to shoot his first HFT comp - good to see you, Colin!!


Sorry to report that we did have one target pulled as a problem appeared when an over enthusiastic shooter pulled the reset string a bit too hard and twisted the target in the wrong direction.  Normally, this would be a quick fix but, of course, it had to be the only target we had up a tree.

A small number of calls for Marshals was made to inspect the target after a shot was taken but I am pleased to say that all calls proved to be caused by split pellets and not a failure of the targets to fall when hit in the kill zone.  Our Marshals did earn their money this day, and I'm afraid to say that I was one of the callers, my first ever in HFT!  And yes, it was a split pellet.


Field Marshal Paul (The Engine) Bates gave the safety brief, including a warning on slips, trips and falls due to weather conditions and, by God, you had to pay attention.  Rightfully so too!  We (the shooters) then went to our start pegs and met our shooting partners.  I must say that all GARC shooters commented on how lucky they were with the people they had been teamed up with - all jolly nice chaps,  I had David and Scott from Edinburgh and two finer gentleman I could not have wished to meet.  The shooting started and at last we could move under the trees and out of the drizzle, unless you started at the top of the Valley of Doom, where little cover is available.  Guess where I started? The hardest working people on the course were the Marshals, always on the move and watching to ensure safety at the event - good on you, boys. The Valley of Doom was great and it claimed many a doughnut.  The changes wrought by the course setters even caught out the best of Scotland's shooters (just as planned!)

Despite Paul's safety briefing, there was  A Mishap.  Colin T slipped and fell while moving from one peg to the next in the Valley of Doom. The Marshals were quick on the scene but, luckily, the course was not badly damaged and a work party will be formed with the help of the RAF Chinook force to repair the crater.  Colin is probably fine and will confirm that he had a really good day although that might be the concussion speaking.


Finishing the round, it was then back to the hut to dry off and get some sustenance.  Thanks go to Tony for the catering - he had hot water on the go at all times so there was no waiting for a hot and welcoming drink.  The burgers were wonderful and it was explosion free too!

It was a good if not a touch wet day and our thanks have to go out to certain people -

The Marshals:          Dale H, Paul "The Engine" Bates and Steve L
The Chef:                 Black Tony
Course setters:        Team Waulkmill
GARC Shooters:      Teri, Colin, Paul S, Shaun S, Chris W 

All the Scottish Clubs that attended and James Hesson who managed to complete the course and did not storm off in the drizzle. 

Somewhere, there is a list of scores and results but the only ones that really matter are -



Junior Class 3rd place went to Shaun Sheppard, grandson of our very own Paul S - well done Shaun!


.22 Class 2nd place went to myself, Chris W  (Good Work Fella - Webmaster.)


1st place was awarded to our very own Godmother of Waulkmill, our Teri, for winning the Ladies Class.

A very well done indeed Teri - told you that you would do it!



4/8/19  Sadly, Paul Bates was unable to attend this Sunday, due to a family member passing away in Bristol and our hearts go out to him and his family for their loss.

The turnout was a bit poor this Saturday with only six members attending.  The day was started with ideas for the up and coming HFT comp on Sunday 11/8/19 and a work plan to be carried out to bring the site up to standard - boy, that grass can grow fast this time of year!

So how did we do on Sunday?  Well, to some a disaster and others a good shoot.  Starting with Springers, Paul S and I shot with my AA Pro Sport and Paul's HW97, a first visit to Waulkmill by Paul's rifle that is normally only seen at Denwood and is zeroed to and shot at 25yds only.  Sadly, Paul had forgot to adjust to 30yds as per his other guns.  After a good start with the first four targets, Paul was feeling good, and with my poor start, delighted himself in taking the micky out of me and the others in our group.  Then justice came and naughty words spilled from Pauls mouth when taking shots in excess of 30 yds. We all heard the bang but never a ting!!  Sorry to say, Paul gave up on Target 26.  Now one should not take the micky out of Paul for this oversight (or should I say undersight?) and it was agreed that I would not post his score but, if you take into consideration the legal age limit for consensual sex and the naughty words he was using, you can work out his score and yes, he was well and truly (naughty word).  Sorry Paul S.


As for the PCP shooters, Chris M shot a very good round with his .22 Daystate Harrier gaining a 45 and our Teri a good 44 with her HW100.  It should be noted that Teri had an all time best a few weeks ago with a 54.   Yes, 54 in the wind......well done girl!!!!  Top shot of the day too beating all us boys.

A second round was shot on the top course and Paul did much, much, much better with the seldom seen Mk 1, which put a smile back on his face.  No cards were used on this round but all had high scores by our standards


Highlight of the week was a sighting of Bob the Hare alive and well after not being seen for nearly a month, this hare being the real Bob the Hare and not that thing on the forum.

Well that's it for this week's front line report - remember your Club needs you this Sunday!


7/7/19 O(pen) Day Landings

Well, I can't say a lot about the day as a whole as there was a lot of shooters who turned up, and us Waulkmill Superheroes were split up with the indoor shooters types.  So my comments can only be from the crowd I was with.

It seems I had drawn the short straw as I was accompanied by Ken, Scott and Stefan, all armed with superguns (Daystates) so it could be tricky with my Steyr.  Black Tony decided to stay on the zero range but had great fun and said he enjoyed playing with/by himself.  The wind was strong when going into the Valley of Doom and a good start on the bottom course turned into a disaster for the snipers I was with.  Score cards were kept and I have to say all three superguns did well for a first shoot at Waulkmill with scores ranging from 34 to 45.  Which was very good with the wind in that damn valley - it hasn't been that bad for a long time. 


Can't name who won this first round , as we agreed between us that no names would be put to scores on this first round but let me tell you that the Daystates came 4th, 3rd & 2nd and the Steyr 1st.  Sorry boys but you all were ganging up on me for the first 20 targets.  It should be pointed out that on a second, third or fourth shot at a target, my band of brothers did knock them down when compensating for the wind with mil dots which was the order of the day in the breezy conditions.

While having dinner, the wind had dropped to a lighter breeze in open areas, so a second round on the top course was called for; Ken & Stefan would shoot their Daystate superguns, while Scott got out his HW97 springer in .177. Good on you Scott going against Daystates that had already been warmed up and shot with by Ken and Stefan.  I followed Scott's example and had a change of rifle, and would use a Air Arms S200 with open sights, so clearly an almost safe prediction would be Daystates 1st & 2nd, springer 3rd and S200 open sights last.  But hey, both Scott and I agreed it was a fun day so what the hell!


Well, to cut a long story short, and this is the facts, the Daystates came 4th & 3rd, while joint first with a score of 40 each was, yes you guessed it the springer and open sight S200.  So the two supergun snipers were slagged off something rotten by all that had seen this.

A great day was had by the four of us in this shooting party - much banter and good shooting.  I'm sure the others had as much fun as us and would welcome comments from their shooting groups being added for others to read - would be nice to hear the tails of other members on this open day.  

A raw recruit writes...


Well, I'd put it off for too long and what better time to break my Waulkmill Innocence than the Open Day. 


Driving out from Aberdeen, it soon became obvious that Waulkmill is The Land That SatNav Forgot and I was soon up the wrong road with no idea of which direction to go.  My City Boy Logic came to the rescue though when I had the brainwave of winding down the windows and listening for the sound of Duelling Banjos and squealing piggies.  Times must've changed because I couldn't hear any of that but I did pick up Tony's voice on the wind so I homed in on that and arrived just after the Safety Briefing. 


With the Old Hands acting as guides for the Newbies, Chris M drew the short straw and got lumbered with little old me.  After the short stroll to the Bottom Course during which Chris gave a safety talk, we found that the main body of shooters were all getting a bit log jammed so, rather than starting off at Target 1, we jumped the queue and kicked off at No.5.   Getting down in the mud, it immediately became apparent that I wasn't well prepared for the day's events.  With gloves, wallet, mobile, glasses case, bunch of keys, tin of pellets and whatnot, my pockets were bulging and making it difficult for me to get comfortable on the many prone shots.  Oh well, won't make that mistake again!  Moving along, Chris was a good, patient teacher and gave many pointers and tips along the way, stuff like pulling the reset string to find out where some of the targets were hiding and suchlike - old and common knowledge among the Waulkmill Warriors but very welcome to The Uninitiated.


Under Mr M's guidance, I managed to knock over a few of the first targets and this was a confidence boost.  Plated quite a few too but things took a bit of a turn as the course progressed and I got an insight into the devious minds of the Course Setters.  Awkward, deceiving and out and out nasty about sums that up - a career in Politics surely awaits Paul B and his Band Of Elves.


Teri joined us at this point and then showed us why she's The GodMother.  Many targets fell to her HW100 including a good few in the aptly named Valley Of Doom but my pellets didn't want to bother them.  Well, it would be rude to disturb those peacefully slumbering targets.  After target 30, it was time to start at the beginning with No. 1.  I found these much easier than the Valley ones so finished my round with a couple of kills. 


As for scores, mine wouldn't have impressed anyone but that's not the point here as a fun challenge, good company and banter was the aim and that's what I got - we didn't keep scores as they'd just detract from the relaxed vibe.  And that made me a happy man.


Time was against me and other obligations meant I couldn't stay for a round on the Top Course in the afternoon but, as Captain Ward writes, it sounded like fun.


All in all, a cracking time and it's easy to see the appeal of Waulkmill.  As a Denwood only shooter, the challenges of shooting prone, in wind at elevated/low and partially hidden targets take you completely (but in a good way) out of your cosy little comfort zone.  If you haven't shot there before then I'd urge you to try. 


Sunday 30/6/19.

Well you couldn't have asked for a better day to venture out into the woods as this Sunday.  It was warm, really warm.  The day started off at about 10am with Paul Bates cutting the grass around the new plinking/zeroing area, a move that has come about due to the sheep moving into the area that had been previously used. Alex C and an old friend from our club turned up (name withheld for security reasons) and a round of coffee and cakes was had with a catch up on old times.  Meantime, Teri, who had gone out to look for the otter (without her rifle) had returned with reports that frogs/toads had taken over an area of the footpath leading into the bottom course.

Alex and "name withheld for security reasons" then went out to shoot the course, followed by myself and Teri a few minutes later with Paul still in paradise with his mower despite having been told that he had 20 mins to finish up and join us.  But, as I said, he was in grass cutting nirvana and we didn't see him until much, much later.  The footpath was indeed infested with frogs/toads between the lake and pond - thousands of the little black blighters.  Alex and "name withheld for security reasons" had cleared a bloody and blackened path through to the bottom course, and the rest of us did our best to walk in their footsteps without adding to the casualty list.  Never seen a path/undergrowth so black and alive and moving in such a small (25yd long) area.

The course itself was good fun, some tricky shots due to the undergrowth and flowering trees partially covering some of the targets, but a damn good test of one's abilities with a wing and a prayer thrown in for luck.  The Valley of Doom lived up to its name as, even on this lovely, almost windless day, the Valley can always surprise the unsuspecting shooter and many a top notch HFT hero has fallen.


Is there wind?  What direction?  Is it swirling and is the tree the target is fixed to moving with the gentle wind that you think isn't or is there?  So many if's and but's to consider for the perfect shot.  To many of us it is the best part of the course whichever guise it has been in over the years and truly lives up to its name.  The last victim having been taken in the July HFT comp, when a noted HFT'er (not GARC) stormed off the course because he had not killed a target four times in a row, having just plated them. Thankfully 99% of us shooters don't act in this manner and even if you are having a bad day, will enjoy the sport and keep our frustrations to ourselves, whatever pain we may be feeling in our guts.

Top shot of this round was "name withheld for security reasons" with a outstanding 55 out of 60, followed by Alex with a 52 - well done boys!  As for the rest of us, no score cards were kept, but did not stop good results and some amazing shots being pulled off as you don't have to keep a score card when you're having fun, do you?


A dark horse has emerged in the form of the Godmother of Waulkmill, Teri, Armed with her HW 100, our Teri can (and has) beat some of our finest outdoor shooting club members and is a force to be reckoned with.  Despite her moaning about her HW 100 being too heavy and anything else that may take her fancy, be warned that you are shooting with a ringer.  Don't be fooled by her, I and other male members of the outdoor shooting community are convinced that this is a ploy to put us into a false sense of security - you have been warned!

After dinner and much talk of putting the world to rights, I found myself alone with Paul Bates.  I was scared and terrified when he suggested going into the woods alone with him to use our spring guns on the top course.  Paul has a new rifle which needed to be tried out, a nice top of the line Walther LGV break barrel, (.177) roughly zeroed to 25 yards. Since I would be using a HW97 in .20, I figured that I would outgun him in calibre and had a fair chance of survival.  If not I could always walk away from him without fear of him catching up - just you guys wait until you go around a course with him, you'll see want I mean.  After a few scope adjustments to Paul's new springer, something strange happened.  Targets started to fall to the LGV and now a battle was on as to the best springer shot. The pressure was on for both of us and I did my best to gain the upper hand and the lead I had gained while Paul had been settling in with the LGV.  You could tell that Paul was liking his new rifle, as there was no mention of mowers or Bristol aero space.  The last quarter of the course all fell to this new sniper with the exception of the very last target which was  plated - very well done, Paul.  In the end we don't know who would have won as score cards weren't used, but I can say that it was a close run thing for both of us and, had Paul started like he finished, I would have been soundly beaten and disgraced.  So look out, Chris M, there's a new gunslinger in town. 


As always, a good day was had by all and was added to by "name withheld for security reasons."  The highlight for me was the springer shootout with Paul saying he did better with the LGV than he ever did with his PCP - good shooting, Sir!


That's it for this report.  Looking forward to seeing all you Denwood indoor shooters out here next week - all are welcome, even Black Tony although we want to see you with a rifle in your hand not a burger!



Another good day today at the outdoor field craft shooting centre known as Waulkmill.  The weather was dry and hot which was just perfect.  A good turn out by normal standards which added to the fun and enjoyment.


Further field craft training was given today, when lambs managed to cross into our side of the killing zone. Despite having to hold back Paul Bates from shooting them - he thought that because they have numbers painted on their backs this would add to his scores. Paul can shoot at stationary targets with a high degree of success, but luckily (for them) the lambs were moving so no points were awarded.


The lambs did break into a stampede when they became aware that Paul S and some other "members" were "Behind Them!!!" but a roundup was conducted with the farmer, who was grateful for our help into getting the sheep back across the right side of the fence line and away from the lustful eyes of both the Pauls (one man and his dog, eh?)


Yep, a good day indeed - good company, good banter and shooting thrown in as well.


Just perfect.



A very good day at Waulkmill this Sunday was had by all that attended.  The day started off with a discussion about the GARC Forum with the Godmother, Chris M, myself and Paul Bates trying to discover the I.D of one of the forum user,….name withheld until further investigation is completed or did we get it wrong?  Next was a display of marksmanship by Chris M with his newly acquired Relum Tornado in .22 against the pilking targets.  No knock downs were scored, but no misses either!!  After 30 minutes a rest was required to restore power to his cocking arm (now, now keep it clean!) - for those of you who have not cocked this 1962 classic air rifle, it takes some effort and builds up the arm muscles.

Paul Sheppard was noted as missing and a late text message confirmed that he had slept in...shame on you Paul.  Next was a round on the bottom course without scorecards.  Both the Chris's had to get used to shooting .177 again after our triumphant joint first and second placings
at the HFT comp with .22.  We didn't do so well until a few targets had been shot at and slowly got back into the aiming points of the .177.  The Godmother did very well again - no wonder some of you Denwood crew stay away, beaten by a woman, hey! 

Dare you take her on then?

Dinner was had and drinks served before a second round on the top course. The top course had turned into a mini jungle and, due to the sheep moving into the field, some targets had been pulled in so not to overshoot onto the live stock.  But, as always, a good round was had and lots of ohh's and ahh's on some targets that didn't fall to our band of snipers.  Weather was lovely with some wind - just enough to make you think about certain shots before pulling the trigger.  The top course will in the next few weeks get a long overdue make over.  Shooting started at 10am and the last person went home at 7pm and all for £5 per person - it don't get any better than that!

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