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Open Pistol 2023

A companion competition to the Pistol League - a less restrictive and easier to shoot series.

15/11/23.  No last minute challengers so the scores stand - Bri wins and Russ is runner-up in this fun but sadly undersubscribed comp. 


1/11/23.  Althought the outcome was a foregone conclusion, Russ still soldiered on and shot a pretty decent 84 in his last round.


Barring some dark horse entering on the night of the AGM, shooting all 10 rounds and averaging over 85, it's a win for Bri.

25/10/23.  It looks like the two horse race has been run - with Bri putting in a Round 10 score of 79, Russ (who shot a 65) has the rather tricky task of finding 144 points from a possible 100 to win.


Of course, there's still time for another Pistolero to get all their rounds in like Steve did last year in the Pistol League - anyone up for the challenge?

4/10/23.  After a disasterous night in the Pistol League, it was a relief for Bri to land some shots in the black.  Two entries - 87 & 86 - kept him ahead of Russ who rattled off his joint highest score in the comp with an 85.

27/9/23.  An 82 for Russ this week.  Not much more to add to that really.  A bit down on his practice card but isn't that the case for all of us?

20/9/23.  Nearly a month since the last entries with Life and Other Distractions eating into people's trigger time.  Bit of a Weihrauch theme going on this evening with the HW40 & 75s pressed into service. 


Russ got the best Open Pistol score of the night with a back on form 85 while it all went a bit strange for Bri - his first four shots were 38/40 then it all went downhill with a flyer that was barely on the card and a second card grouping that was looser than he'd have liked for an overall 79.  


He still has a sizeable lead over Russ but, as we've seen in the past, that can change unexpectedly so there's no need for anyone to take their eye off the ball.

23/8/23.  Bri's plastic fantastic HW40 seems to be behaving itself these days.  After bouts of unreliability and generally erratic performance, it's settled down and become an accurate little tool as shown by a perfectly acceptable 85 and a very pleasing 92. 


Which means a change at the top of the (admittedly small) table and a sizeable lead opening up in the race to the Round 10 finishing post.

2/8/23.  Taking a week off from the full-on 10m pistols, Russ and Bri broke out the Weihrauchs for the merest fraction above and below their averages.

19/7/23.  Only Bri having a go this evening.  The red dotted plastic fantastic HW40 got pressed into service for a very pleasing 91.


It's looking like this is going to be another two horse race again.

21/6/23.  An 80 apiece for Bri and Russ this evening.  Mr Douglas was happy to stay in the 80s while Bri was a bit disappointed having previously shot a 46 practice card.

7/6/23.  Bri managed to squeeze in some last minute shots at the end of the night.  His 88 with an HW40 should both keep Russ company and give him something to worry about. 

24/5/23.  In the absence of other Pistoleros and Jean disdaining the vulgar practice of shooting two-handed, it was another Russ only week for Open Pistol.  Nowt wrong with an 82.

3/5/23.  Just Russ picking up a pistol this evening with a return to form 85.

26/4/23.  Russ has kindly got things moving with a 67.  A bit under par for him but it's early days and I'm sure he'll pick up as the season progresses.

The Open Pistol competition is for those who may feel a bit daunted by the thought of shooting one-handed.  The rules are simple and straightforward - basically any 0.177 pistol, any sights you fancy and two handed grips allowed - with 10 shots per weekly round and 10 rounds over the course of the year.


Full rules (not that there's many) are at the top of the sidebar on the left along with a guide and it's an excellent way to develop your pistol skills whilst having some fun.


Please note this is not a postal address, it's purely for finding the club.



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