Grampian Air Rifle Club
Grampian Air Rifle Club

11/4/21.  The April Rifle Competition is off to a start with Steve being first to get a card in. 

12/4/21.  A burst of activity sees Steve submit three scores in a day.  I bet he had to lie down after that.

15/4/21.  Not lying down is Alex with another consistent 26.

16/4/21.  Which he follows up with an even better 28. 

22/4/21.  Stoof starts as he means to go on -  piling the pressure on and aiming for the top spot.

23/4/21.  Another two cards from Stoof sees him take the lead.  Even with a perfect 30 for his last card, Steve can't overtake him which leaves Alex as the only challenger.  Mr C can only afford to drop three points over his next two cards so I foresee a lot of practice time in the garage.


24/4/21.  Steve wasn't going to win but still gives it his best with an excellent 28 and the world waits with bated breath for the next card from Alex.  There's nearly a week for the comps to run so there's still time for people to have a crack and upset things.


27/4/21.  The 4th round card from Alex sees him post a 28.  He needs a 29 for joint 1st or that elusive 30 for an outright win.  This is getting quite tense - certainly more exciting than the present season of Line of Duty!


30/4/21.  Close but no cigar - an "as good as anyone else" 28 puts Alex ahead of Steve but just a fraction short of the top spot making Stoof this month's winner by a point.  Well done to all who took part and see you soon for the May round.


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Grampian Air Rifle Club

Denwood Shooting Range

Countesswells Rd


AB15 7YD

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