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4/3/20  An easy one to update this evening.  Steve L was the only one to pick up a pistol with serious intent (an HW45 in this case) and scored a very decent 79 with it.


Bri gave the pistols a miss for this week and Russ tried a few practice shots with a Webley Tempest before deciding that it was wholly inadequate for placing pellets within walking distance of the aimpoint. 

26/2/20  Just three shooters tonight - Robert was absent having just passed his driving test and was busy cruising the countryside in a presumably devil may care fashion, Russ was indulging his zeroing habit, Chris W was bemoaning Paul for not taking a guaranteed competition winning pistol along, Les and Alex were no-shows and Nick R was mostly trying to get hypothermia on the 50m range.


That said, the cards submitted on the night were of a high standard.  Steve L continues his winning streak and different gun every round tactic with an 85, achieved this time with a red dotted Beeman P17. 


Bri had an awkward time zeroing the red dot on his HW40.  He spent so much time on the bl**dy thing that people mistook him for Russ.  With the thing sort of in the ballpark, he shot a respectable 82 and considered himself lucky to get that.  He's contemplating using his open sighted FWB 80 for future rounds.


Paul S picked up a diminutive Browning Buckmark for his first round and shot a nicely competitive 78 with it.

Speculation is rife that he'll get a Phil Oakey haircut for a bonus point in the next round.


19/2/20  Before I go any further, it should be explained that the Open Pistol comp has been nicknamed (by Chris W - who else...) The Human League. 


This has required the creation of two new rules -


1.  Anyone caught singing "Don't you want me, baby?" will have points deducted, the amount dependent on how loud and how bad you are.




2.  An extra point will be awarded if you turn up with a Phil Oakey haircut.





This will increase your score.



Right.  First to compete was Robert.  Daunted by the thought of shooting one handed in the Pistoleros League, he blagged his old man's HW75 and kicked things off with a perfectly acceptable 71.


Keeping things in the family, Steve L snatched his gun back and shot the top score of 75.  Steve also got the lead in the Pistoleros/Borg League although he oddly racked up a higher 86 in the harder discipline - go figure...


Last shooter of the night was Liam.  Fresh from submitting Pistol League cards, he was press ganged into shooting his FAS6004 again, this time two handed.  A 63 was the outcome which, like Steve, was lower than his one handed score - someone should tell these guys that it's supposed to be the other way round.


It was one of those nights where many things were going on at Denwood and the time just seemed to disappear so just these three GARCers managed to shoot but we're off and running and we can expect the numbers (and scores?) to increase in the coming weeks.

In response to some of the more "delicate" types who whined that shooting one handed in the Pistol League was just too hard, let's see if there's any interest in an "Open" pistol comp. 


The idea is -


.177 pistol only (no carbine shoulder stocks, etc.)


Any sights (irons, scopes, red dots but no lasers.) 


Standing, unsupported and any grip - one or two handed.


The rest of it can follow the Pistol League outline of 10 shots on two cards.


Shall we say five rounds to gauge interest and keep things short and sweet?  There's a thread on the GARC Forum for discussion if you'd like to suggest anything -  don't be backward at coming forward.




Please note this is not a postal address, it's purely for finding the club.



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